2012 Preseason 1/2 Ironman Base Training Program

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:53
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:53
Training Load By Week

This 8 week plan will focus on improving technique in all 3 sports while gradually building endurance. After completion of the program the athlete will have established a solid base on which to continue building 1/2 Ironman race fitness.

Sample Day 1
3 X 300 TT

Warm up
100-200 free
4-6 X 25 w/ paddles, rest :10, build pace on each 25.
4-6 X 50 as 25 kick/25 free, rest :15
4 X 50 fast free on :30 rest
Main Set
3 X 300 as fast as you can on :30 rest. The goal is to find your best average over the 3 repeats, so don't swim the first one really fast and then totally bonk on the last 2. Pace yourself but you should be completely spent after the 3rd effort. Record your time after each 300.
Cool down
4 X 100 easy free on :20-:30
6 X 50 easy as 25 stroke or kick/25 free

Sample Day 1

work on arm recovery drills and rolling side to side

Sample Day 2
AA tri, 2-3 sets

After warm up do 2-3 sets of AA tri. Cool down with 5-10 minutes of spinning in easy gear/resistance at high rpm. For details go to:


or see Joe Friel's Training Bible book.

Sample Day 3
easy run with pick ups

30-40 minute run at an easy, conversational pace. Every 8 minutes, pick up the pace for :30 to your 5k race pace and then return back to your easy pace.

Sample Day 4
Spin ups & ILT 1 Z2

Warm Up
gradually ramp up the effort for 10-15 min.
include 4 X :30 fast pedaling against a low resistance on :30 recovery.
Main Set
1 X 10 shifting intervals. Target Z2 70% FTP throughout interval and start in your biggest gear pedaling at a low cadence. Every min. shift to the next easier gear with the goal of staying at Z2 wattage. Rest 4 min.
3 X 5 min. spin ups. Target Z2 70% FTP and start at T - cadence. Every min. add 5 RPM while targeting Z2 watts. Rest 2 min. between sets.
10 X :35 Isolated Leg Training. Perform 5 reps for each leg. Take :10 to switch legs between reps. Focus on the 4 o' clock to 8 o'clock part of the pedal stroke and scrape your foot across the bottom of the pedal stroke.
Cool Down
10 min. Z2/Z1

Sample Day 4
(1500 +) - 10x 100

Warmup: 2x150 as; 1 free/ 1 kick/ on 20 sec rest,
Then allocate 10-15 minutes focusing on the drills that we did on Tuesday.

Main set: 10x 100 on 15 sec rest at an easy aerobic pace.

Cooldown: 200 choice.

Sample Day 5
short run

run 20-30 minutes at a nice easy pace after the strength session.