226 Full Distance Intermediate Triathlon Plan (BT)

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226 Full Distance Intermediate Triathlon Plan (BT)


Pinnacle Multisports

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 4 Run, 1 Strength, 3 Swim

Longest Workout

1:15 hrs swim
6:00 hrs bike
3:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman beginner time goal hr based

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This intermediate-level, 12-week 140.6 build to peak period training plan was designed for any age athlete.. Following this plan will prepare you for your 140.6 race by building exceptional aerobic fitness.

Weekly volume ranges from 16 to 19 hours with 14-hour R&R weeks every third week to allow for recovery, adaptation and improved performance.

This plan is simple to follow and is written in every day language as you can see by clicking on the PREVIEW. Suggestions are made throughout to guide you in making training and race planning decisions.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 15:01
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 15:01
Average Weekly Breakdown

Simon Oliver

Pinnacle Multisports

Simon Oliver is the owner of Pinnacle Multisports. His experience in racing as a competitive age grouper and adaption of training to the time crunched individual can offer a unique and individualised approach to training, racing and data analytics to ensure his clients achieve their best.

Sample Day 1

SM, 2 sets

WU 5-10 minutes. Then 2 sets of SM weight lifting. First set is light (12 reps with 15RM load). Second set is heavy heavy (3-6 reps with 6RM load). CD 5-10 minutes spinning in easy gear/resistance at high rpm. For details go to HELP (above), WORKOUT DESCRIPTIONS. Or turn to Chapter 13 in The Triathlete's Training Bible.

Sample Day 2

Down ladder at T-pace

WU: 100 drill, 100 kick, 100 drill, 100 kick.
400 at T-pace.
50 kick easy.
350 at T-pace.
50 kick easy.
300 at T-pace.
50 kick east.
250 at T-pace.
50 kick easy.
200 at T-pace.
50 kick easy.
150 at T-pace.
50 kick easy.
100 drill.
50 kick easy.
500 swim good form.

Sample Day 2

Uphill 20' @ 3-4Z

BT: Hill tempo. On a long, moderate uphill (about 4-6%) run 20 minutes steady at heart rate 3 zone. Relax. Listen to breathing. Good form!

Sample Day 3


Run with heart rate in zone 1 on a flat, soft surface. VERY easy. Embarrassingly slow. Best alone.

Sample Day 3

Easy ride

Ride in 1-2 zone, mostly 1 zone. Flat course. Low effort--light on pedals. Comfortably high rpm.

Sample Day 4

Short ints/recoveries

400 free, 100 kick.
4 x 100 done as 25 kick, 25 R arm only, 25 L arm only, 25 free.
6 x 100 Odds: 25 kick, 25 R arm only, 25 L arm only, 25 free, evens: 25 swim, 25 kick, 25 pull, 25 swim.
MS: Try to make the times for these as consistent as possible. Recoveries are in seconds within parentheses.
10 x 100 @ T-pace (10”).
10 x 50 @ T-pace (10”).
CD: 400 easy.

Sample Day 4


BT: Road or trainer. Warm-up well. Then ride 30 minutes non-stop in the heart rate 3 zone (or CP90 if you have a powermeter) on a mostly flat course. Slightly bigger gear than usual. 80-90 rpm. Smooth pedaling. Aero position.

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