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Full Iron Triathlon: Advanced | 16 Week | Power & Pace | Monday Recovery


Mark Saroni

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17 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman advanced multi day power based pace based

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Plan Description

Winning is a Mindset Not a Spot on the Podium

Our training plans are designed & built with one thing in mind, the success of our athletes. Start your journey to high performance today.

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Plan Overview

  • Designed for the accomplished athlete who has been racing for 2+ years
  • Completed multiple half distance & at least one full distance triathlon
  • An athlete attempting this plan should be ready to take their training seriously & PR their full distance triathlon

Required Equipment

  • Bike power meter
  • GPS smart watch
  • HR monitor
  • Swim paddles, pull buoy, & fins
  • Access to basic strength & mobility equipment (stretch cords, free weights)



  • Unlimited athlete-initiated email support
  • Detailed workout instructions
  • Mental coaching & education
  • Strength & mobility
  • Nutritional guidelines

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  • Personal coach assigned to YOU
  • Coach-initiated monthly review
  • Athlete-initiated schedule changes (2x/month)
  • Free 15 min pre-race phone consultation
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  • $8/wk or less!

"The program gets five stars from me. At the end of thee day, what matters is performance: Did I improve? Am I faster? Am I stronger? Do I feel better? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes."

-Pablo Bueno: IM Texas Finisher

"Coach Mark is exceptional! Because of his coaching, I am able to compete again in a sport I love. I greatly appreciate & value his professionalism, dedication, & expertise."

-Kathleen O'Shea: Track & Field Athlete

Additional Information


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:23 hrs 6:25 hrs
3:38 hrs 3:00 hrs
2:21 hrs 1:20 hrs
0:00 hrs 0:10 hrs
0:37 hrs 0:45 hrs
0:09 hrs 0:10 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:23 hrs 6:25 hrs
3:38 hrs 3:00 hrs
2:21 hrs 1:20 hrs
0:00 hrs 0:10 hrs
0:37 hrs 0:45 hrs
0:09 hrs 0:10 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Mark Saroni: MS Kinesiology, USA Triathlon, Cycling, & Swimming Certified Coach

Paragon Training

"Winning is a mindset, not a spot on the podium."
Mark's unique coaching style and knowledge of the sport is built on 15+ years of coaching & racing. He believes that a high-performance mindset is attainable for ANY athlete of ANY ability level.
He offers one-on-one coaching, training plans, & other services to help the everyday athlete achieve high performance.
If you count sport as an integral part of your life, then join Paragon Training & let us assist you in your quest to #SUFFERFASTER

Sample Day 1

Z1- Technique Focus, Work on Limiters, Short 50s

WU: 300 swim
100 pull w/ band & buoy at ankles
100 streamline kick on back w/ fins

You can do the below sculling drills OR any drills that work on your main swimming technique limiters.

DRILL: Sculling Drills: use pull buoy
1x100 sculling forwards
-Elbows don't bend
-Fingers point down

1x100 Mid Scull
-Don't pull elbows backwards

1x100 Doggy Scull
-Elbows stay in the water (Don't recover above)

1x100 Back Scull

4x50 on :15 RI
-Work on catching & holding the water all the way through the stroke
100 fast swim w/ fins

CD: 100 easy

Sculling Drills:
Purpose: Sculling is working on our "feel" for the water.

Sample Day 2

Z1 - 30 Min Active Recovery Run (HR)

Complete 10min of active stretching then ez jog for prescribed time

Goal: Easy running builds a platform of fitness through a variety of mechanisms.
-Promotes bloodflow enhances recovery to prepare for next session
-Strengthens tendons and ligaments
-Increases aerobic capacity through greater mitochondrial density, larger capillary network, and other enzymatic processes.

Form Cues: Think about maintain good running mechanics throughout the duration of this run.
-Tall posture
-Hips forward
-Relaxed arm swing
-Eyes ahead
-Footstrike beneath hips

When in doubt: SLOW DOWN

Sample Day 2

Z2 - Steady

Steady endurance ride.
Power at .60-.75 of FTP but don't stare at the powermeter
HR Z1-Z2
RPE should start at 2-4 but may increase as legs fatigue.
Hydration: Minimum of 20-30oz of fluid per hour. Adjust if weather is 75 degrees or warmer.
Nutrition: Aim for 4-5kcal/kg of body weight per hour. Primarily carbohydrates.
Recovery: Carb/protein mixture within 20min of finishing. Ice and/or compression as needed

Sample Day 3

Z3: 200's Descending

WU: 300 choice
4x50 streamline kick on back w/ fins
4x50 swim w/ kick board between your legs like a fin

MS: 3x
3x200 FR on 20-30sec RI.
Descend each 200 by round (Get faster 1-3, 4-6, 7-9).
Last round is pull
No all out just focus on rhythm and relaxing

CD: 100 easy

Sample Day 3

Test Preparation

This training session is to prepare for the Saturday FTP Test. Mostly easy, but with some efforts to help open your legs and lungs up for the hard effort in a few days. If you don't know your FTP or FTHR from a previous test, do 20 minutes very easy, 10 minutes so that you can still hold a conversation, followed by the 2 minute interval where you can just finish short sentences. Then cool down very easy again.

Sample Day 4

Z2 - 45 Min Steady Run

Steady endurance run at Z1-Z2 HR
RPE 3-5
Complete some active stretching beforehand.
Good form and posture throughout run. Monitor cadence.

Recovery: rehydrate, carb/protein mixture, stretch/foam roll/ice bath if necessary.

Sample Day 4

Hip/Glutes band routine

MS: 20 reps each exercise]

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