Wales 2020 Plan - Intermediate 10:45-13:30hrs


Clive Boulton

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18 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 1 Strength, 1 Other, 3 Bike, 3 Run

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
5:00 hrs bike
2:15 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman intermediate masters

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This plan is for the Age-Group Athlete looking for a strong result at Wales in 2020, for Age-Group Athletes male 50+ and for female athletes 40+ this plan will see them competitive for a Kona slot at Wales. The plan starts at approx 10hrs and peaks at 16hrs, there are no intermediate races but these can be built in. The plan requires an athlete to be capable of completing a half iron-distance race before commencement.

About the author... Clive is a veteran of 40 years in endurance sport running schools cross-country and track to a high level, and progressing to international representation on the track and country, he has run 14mins for 5km, 30mins for 10km and 67mins for a HM. From a racing perspective he has been a Welsh 1500m Champion, A British Universities 1500m Champion, and a North Wales Cross-Country Champion. Clive has completed 6 Iron-Distance Triathlon races and was 7th in the 2015 European Triathlon Union Long-Distance Championships (AG45-49) at Weymouth. He has coached runners for 20 years and triathletes for 10 years, completing the IronmanU Coaching Certification in 2017.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:13
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:13
Average Weekly Breakdown

Clive Boulton

Rosedene Multi-Sport

Rosedene Multi-Sport is a triathlon and running focused 1:1 coaching practice, with 20 years of experience in coaching runners and 10 years of experience in coaching triathletes.

We successfully coach athletes and triathletes from beginners to advanced, 800m to the marathon in running and from sprint to iron distance racing in triathlon. We work with age-group Ironman podium athletes and national level triathletes of all ages. We offer an individual service, no two athletes are the same.

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Sample Day 1

Activation & Resilience

5min Row
Swiss Ball Plank Variations 3x30secs
Side Plank 1x2x30sec
Bridging 2x2x30
Theraband Work
Lunging Forward/Backward 2x2x8
Press Ups2x10
In-line Jump Variations 3x25secs
Plyometrics (3x25secs one of each jump variety selected)

Sample Day 1

Endurance - 4x10min

Steady swim efforts, take a different focus for each interval;
1. Hand entry, catch and pull
2. Head position throughout the stroke 'one eye'
3. Good Rotation
4. Feet and Legs 'point those toes'

Sample Day 2

BCJ '30'

Easy Run Z1 low Z2, fasted pre-breakfast, get the body use to burning fat for efficiency

Sample Day 2

Endurance - TrainerRoad Library 75min

TrainerRoad library choice from the 'Endurance' rides 60-90min filter, as Wales is the target select a rolling watts output profile.

Sample Day 3

Recovery - TrainerRoad Library 45

Low stimulus recovery Z1, gaining efficiency and getting the body use to training twice per day

Sample Day 3

General Aerobic, Short

General Aerobic Run Z1 into Z2 during the first 15mins then maintain Z2 through to finish

Sample Day 5

Strength - Base

5mins Row
Lat Pull Downs 2x10 70-75%
Straight Arm Pull Downs 2x10 70-75%
Leg Press 2x12 75%
Squat 2x10 75%
Leg Extensions 2x12 70-75%
Leg Curls 2x10 70%
Calf Raises 2x15 no weight, full extension

Wales 2020 Plan - Intermediate 10:45-13:30hrs

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