Ironman Wales Comp phase 12

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:04

A 12 week plan that helps transition from general endurance conditioning to race specific prep. This IM Wales competition plan is ideal for athletes in their 2md or third season of IM looking to head to Wales aiming or PB's or AG positions.
Th running is kept easy, never going above race pace to help avoid injury in this critical phase. Whilst there is plenty of sweet post and race pace cycling to help build race endurance and familiarity with the toll of racing. In the peak weeks most work is completed at weekends and extra recovery days are built in.
The swim sets are mix of speed work in the initial block, building to more CSS and open water work in the later weeks.

With this Plan Racesnake have a range of notes and guides as well as the ability to create a best bike split race plan specifically for IM Wales and designed on your athlete data. E mail for more info.

Sample Day 1
4X8min v02 max

A simple v02 max session that allows a large amount of work to be done just above FTP. This will build endurance and power. By the end the power targets will feel very tough to meet, hang tough and get it done. Expect HR to stay at around 90% hrm.

Sample Day 2
Form at speed- 75s

A brisk set thst devlops good form at speed. On the easy length at the end of each 75 focus on getting long smooth stroke and keeping the body stream lined.

Sample Day 3
45 run

A steady run. the pace should be such that You can be talk all the way around. This pace will mean you develop endurance without accumulating too much fatigue.

Sample Day 4
5 x6mins TT efforts

A tough set that works you at or around threshold, however the hard short busrts train the anearobic system and help drag more muscle fibers intio the mix.

Sample Day 5
Aerobic threshold ride

AET-1. An easy ride at aerobic threshold. This should be easy enough to breath through your nose or talk for extended periods throughout.
These rides are improtant for building mitocchondria and therefore muscular endurance.

Sample Day 6
Straigh 2km easy swim

A straight 2km swim. This develops cardiovascualr endurance and offers an oppurtunity to develop stroke technique.

Sample Day 6
14 km easy run

Easy run to build endurance.

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