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Full Distance Training Plan - 17 week build and peak phases


Stephen Walker

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17 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman beginner intermediate advanced masters multi day power based hr based pace based

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Plan Description

17 week training plan which covers the build and peak periods for a full distance (140.6) triathlon.
I used this programme myself successfully at Vichy in 2018 for a sub 10:30 finish time.
You will need to be capable of running for 90 mins and cycling for 3hrs prior to starting this programme and should have ideally completed 8-12 weeks of preparation /base training before starting this programme.
The programme includes 4 week blocks which include a half marathon, middle distance prep race and also 'metric days' or 'big' weekends which aim to replicate the cumulative fatigue of racing at this distance.
The volume is not as high as you may see in other programmes but each workout is specific to training for the distance by using power and heart rate zones, and importantly and allows some valuable family time instead of junk hours, remember you need their support as much as you need the training!


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:55 hrs 5:30 hrs
3:05 hrs 2:15 hrs
2:15 hrs 1:10 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:55 hrs 5:30 hrs
3:05 hrs 2:15 hrs
2:15 hrs 1:10 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Sample Day 1

Indoor Cycling

1hr @ 75-80% ftp holding 90rpm
should feel comfortable

Sample Day 2

Wattbike - power development

2 x 15 min sweet spot @ 88-90% ftp
5 min between reps

Sample Day 3

long tempo

ramp run
30 @ z2a
30 @ z2/3
30 @ z3

Sample Day 4

Club Swim

Sample Day 4


Sample Day 6

long ride - progressive

don't over-stress aim for consistent power output, building from 65-70% ftp in first hour to 80% ftp for final hour

Sample Day 6

Brick Run

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