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16 Week Long Course Program (Intermediate-Advanced)


Owain Matthews

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16 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman intermediate advanced time goal multi day power based hr based pace based tss based strength

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Plan Description

My 16 week Long Course training program is designed for an intermediate to advanced age group athlete who has completed at least one half distance event and is looking to work towards an Iron Distance Performance Goal (time or position based).

You should be able to comfortable swim 2500m, cycle 2 hours and run 1 hour before beginning this training plan. The plan builds from 9-17 hours/ week and consists of 1-2 training sessions per day.

For additional fee you can gain access to me via email/ skype as your coach.

I hope you choose to access this plan and make a start to working towards your Long Course goal.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:28 hrs 2:30 hrs
5:37 hrs 6:00 hrs
2:10 hrs 1:15 hrs
—— ——
0:20 hrs 0:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:28 hrs 2:30 hrs
5:37 hrs 6:00 hrs
2:10 hrs 1:15 hrs
—— ——
0:20 hrs 0:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

Owain Matthews

Energy Link Performance Coaching

I am an accredited Triathlon Australia Performance Coach, working with Energy Link Performance Coaching in Sydney Australia. I have a passion for sport and as a Triathlete, Coach, Father and Husband I've always sought the challenges that training, competition and a healthy, balanced lifestyle provide people.

Sample Day 1

Ramp Up & Down Endurance Set

Sample Day 2

Alignment and Technique

Warm Up: 0.8
300 EZ Swim
300 - 100 kick/swim (fins/board)
4x50 - Pull/ Band (15 rest)
Main: 1.3
2x 400 Steady Form Swim @7RPE (30 rest)
4x 100 @8RPE (20 rest)
2x 50 MAX (30 rest)
Swim Down
200m FINS/Paddles, long strokes

Sample Day 2

Aerobic run + 6x 30/30

Easy aerobic run. In the middle of the run include an 6 minute block of 30/30. That is 30 seconds @pick up pace (8RPE) / 30 seconds easy - continuous.

Sample Day 3

Cycling Drill Set

10 minute in an easy gear at 85-95rpm.
5x 20 seconds @100-105rpm (40 seconds recovery)
30 seconds left leg only pedaling (75-80rpm)
30 secs right leg only pedaling (75-80rpm)
60 secs both legs easy spin
X 10 sets (on single leg just let the other leg hang) The focus on the single leg drill is to really concentrate on the 4 parts of the pedal stroke - push down, pull back, pull up, push across.
4 minutes easy spin recovery after.
Finish the set with 6x 1.30 minute speed intervals (100+rpm) HARD, with a 1.30 minute easy recovery.
Easy spin up to 1 hour.

Sample Day 4

Aerobic Endurance and Strength 200's

Warm Up:
300 ez swim
6x 50m (25 FTD Drill/ 25 Swim) (15 rest)
Main Set:
6x 200m Pull Buoy (30 rest)
100 easy swim
8x 50m HE (25 Hard/ 25 Easy)
Swim Down:
200 mix stroke, include some backstroke

Sample Day 4

Base intervals 10x40 seconds

These steady intervals can be done on the road, or an oval depending on preference - The aim is to get the HR up a little with short recovery.
20 minute aerobic run.
10x40 second 'pick ups' @7RPE (steady), have a 20 second jog after each.
15 minute cool down and stretch.

Sample Day 6

Aerobic Ride

Aerobic ride, focus on good cadence (80-90rpm) and smooth output of effort (Zone 2/ 65-70% FTP). Build into the ride for the first 10 minutes to warm up, keep the hills relatively relaxed, but allow for some higher output here (Power Z2-Z3).

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