14 week Ironman Training-BUILD and PEAK period, 11-16 hrs/week


Scott Iott

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13 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 3 Swim, 4 Run, 3 Bike

Longest Workout

1:30 hrs swim
5:00 hrs bike
2:30 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman beginner intermediate advanced

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This is a 14 week Build and Peak Ironman Training Plan. With this plan, the athlete will spend 12 weeks in a build phase developing race specific speed followed by a two week peak/taper phase leading into your A priority race.

This plan assumes that the athlete has spent signifiant time training in a Base phase. This plan will develop your race specific speed and get you fresh for your key season race. The weekly volume for this plan begins at 11 hours to a maximum of 16 hours per week. Each week includes 3 swims, 3 runs, and 3 bikes, with Monday being a rest day.

You can use a heart rate monitor, pace or power meter, or just train by perceived exertion with this plan. Attached to this plan is a document that details the training terms and definitions for your reference. Feel free to contact Scott Iott at siott@trainingbible.com if you have any questions.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 13:07
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 13:07
Average Weekly Breakdown

Scott Iott

SuperFly Coaching

Specializing in endurance athletes : triathletes, cyclists, runners as well as swimmers.

Specializing in endurance athletes : triathletes, cyclists, runners as well as swimmers.

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Sample Day 1

2x100, 2x200, 2x300, 400, 1x100, 1x200, 1x300, 2900 Total

W/U 300, 300K 2x100 @ T-Pace (:10) 2x200 @ T-Pace (:20) 2x300 @ T-Pace (:30) 400 Pull (:30) 1x100 Fast (:10) 1x200 Fast (:20) 1x300 Fast C/D 100 Free/Back

Sample Day 1

Easy jog, check cadence

On soft surface. Easy jog only. Check cadence several times (21 plus right foot strikes in 15 seconds).

Sample Day 2

Tempo ride, 40-60min, Z3

Warm up 15-20 minutes including some short surges. Then ride 40 to 60 minutes non-stop at power/hear rate zone 3 on a mostly flat course. 85-95 rpm. Smooth pedaling. Aero.

Sample Day 3

2x400, 3x300, 3x200, etc 2700 Total

W/U 10 Minute Mix 2x400 Pull 2nd (:30) (1:00) 3x300 Pull 3rd (:30) (1:00) 3x200 Pull 3rd (:30) (1:00) 3x100 Pull 3rd C/D 100

Sample Day 3

Tempo Run - 30 mins

15 min jog warm-up easy. 30 mins tempo run, (hard effort at faster than marathon pace, around 10K to half-marathon intensity). 15 mins easy cool down jog to finish.

Sample Day 4

10x100 on 1:20 - 3500 total

400 easy swim warm-up. 3x200 descend. 3 rounds of 4x50, as 15 yds/m fast, 25 yds/m fast, 35 yds/m fast, 50 yds/m fast, for each round. Test set is 15x100 on 1:30 interval, for best average. 500 easy. What was your average for the test set?

Sample Day 5

Long Ride Intervals, Build

Warm up for 1 hour, mix in some short surges. Then do 3 x 20 minutes in 15-17 RPE/HR/power zone 3. (5 min recoveries) Then ride 1.5 hours steady in 12-14 RPE/high HR/power zone 2. Cooldown to finish.

14 week Ironman Training-BUILD and PEAK period, 11-16 hrs/week

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