Ironman Chattanooga 140.6 | The Road to Tennessee | 24 Week Plan | Chase your dreams!

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:30

Hi athlete! Coach Griffin here.

I'm so excited you are thinking of training for Chattanooga! By being on this page it means you are looking to really test your limits and strive towards your goals. I believe you have so much potential and with the right approach and mindset, nearly anything is possible!

Chattanooga is an amazing venue with awesome support. The course is difficult, but by following this plan you'll be more than ready for the challenges it holds. Whether your are looking to set a PR or finish stronger than they have in the past, this plan can get you there! With attention to both the science and art of training and racing, this plan gives you the tools to take your performance to the next level. This plan focuses on consistency because consistency is the number one ingredient for success.

The training plan is built around your current ability and is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be with efficiency by using specific workouts that target key Pace & Power levels. This plan is most effective when using Power on the bike and pace in the pool and on the run, but it can be switched to HR on the bike/run and aiming for the same training zones in each workout. That said, Power is an important metric and can really help dial your training efficiency in to help you reach the next level.

Several resource guides are spread throughout the program to help you plan, train, and execute with the right mindset and perspective. The weekly focus will help keep you motivated and intentional, while the weekly review will help you build confidence with all the things you're doing well and hone in on the areas you can grow.

I can't wait to see what you can do and hear about your incredible journey.

Happy Training!

-Griffin Jaworski

"Hard things take time to do, impossible things take a little longer." - Percy Cerutty

Sample Day 1
Supporting Ride: Recovery (Optional)

Recovery Ride: Optional recovery ride today with a few hard 30s intervals mixed in. 30s intervals are fantastic way to build mitochondrial density without adding too much stress and can break up an otherwise monotonous training session.

Sample Day 1
Supporting Run: Recovery (Optional)

Recovery Run: Optional recovery run today, focus on running smoothly and shaking out the legs. Active recovery is one of the best ways to increase consistency AND volume at the same time. Listen to your body, if it needs a day off, give it a day off, but chances are a run in the correct recovery zone will leave you feeling MORE refreshed than not running at all. Getting this right early on is a great way to set up the end of the season. Tapering is a challenge for a lot of athletes, but knowing how to decrease training without stopping entirely makes it much easier to manage!

Sample Day 3
Key Ride: Endurance

Variable Effort Long Ride. Stay mostly steady between 60%-75% FTP with a few harder minutes.  
The purpose of long endurance rides is to increase aerobic capacity. Sustained effort mostly in the aerobic zone is ideal for most of the season due to its ability to increase mitochondrial density and capillaries in muscles without adding too much stress. This allows for consistency in week to week and is a critical component for success. 

These rides are also ideal for experimenting with fueling. Finding what works for your body early is a great way to set your season up for success. I use a company called Infinit Nutrition for a custom blend. You can use the link in the attachment for 10% with our special coupon code!

Sample Day 3
Key Run: Brick

Brick Run: 10 minutes of easy running @ recovery/aerobic pace off the bike to get accustomed to post bike legs. Success in triathlon is dependent on being able to run AFTER the bike! This transition is something that should be taken seriously and should feel less foreign by the time race day rolls around.

Sample Day 4
Key Run: Endurance

Steady effort long run. Pace can vary but stay in the prescribed training zone, ideally done on a softer surface (crushed gravel, clay, dirt, etc.) but pavement is okay as well.
These long runs are truly long runs. Focus on pace, it's okay if it feels slow. This teaches the body how to burn a proportionately high amount of fat than it would, as well as increases aerobic capacity without adding too much stress. Consistency is the magic word. You want to finish this week knowing you will be able to handle next week's training.

Sample Day 5
Key Swim: Threshold Development

- 500 easy
Pre Main Set:
- 200 descending (200, 175, 150...25) with paddles and pull, moderate effort 15" rest
Main Set:
- 7 x 200 @ threshold pace 30" rest
- 200 easy
Total: 3000
Notes: This is a staple workout in the program. Notice your average pace for 200s and compare as the season progresses.

Sample Day 9
Supporting Swim: Fast Form

- 500 @ aerobic pace (choice of paddles, pull, or both)
- 20 x 50 @ Threshold/V02 Max pace 10" rest
- 200 @ aerobic pace
Total: 1700
Notes: Aim for consistency. This is fairly high intensity but short. Focus on form and pulling as much water on each stroke. Notice stokes per length during 50s. Will play a "game" with this later on in the program.

Griffin Jaworski
Sweat Equity Athletics LLC

I believe in the power of human potential.

As an IRONMAN Certified Coach and RYT 200 Yoga Teacher that combines the art and science of training, I can help you break through that next barrier and achieve your dreams.

Whether that is through the general guidance of a Training Plan, specific instruction via remote Coaching, or even weekly and daily motivation through my newsletter and social media, my goal is to help you accomplish yours!