Ironman 140.6 Intermediate 36 Weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:34
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:34
Training Load By Week

What Does Your Training Plan Include?

  • All training sessions built on the proven principles of the T.I.M.E. Training System
  • Weekly Guidance Notes on how to restructure your training week should you need to, as well as clear session priorities if you are particularly short on time.
  • Links to useful resources - from explanations of FTP tests, to online run paces calculators, to swim drill videos
  • The T.I.M.E. Training System

    This training plan has been designed following the principles of the T.I.M.E. Training System. Developed by Coach Rob Wilby & Team Oxygenaddict, this 70.3 & Iron-distance training methodology is being used by age-group athletes all over the world with incredible success. It has been developed specifically to enable busy age-groupers to consistently deliver outstanding performances even if they have hectic work and family lives that result in limited, unpredictable training time.

    The T.I.M.E. Training System that this training plan is based on is made up of 4 pillars:

    • T: Testing Regular testing of improvement and ability across all disciplines to ensure all training sessions are completed at the optimal intensity

    • I: Intelligent Intensity Every single session in this plan will tell you to swim / bike / run at very precise intensities relative to your ability. This ensures that you'll see the maximum progress in the shortest amount of time

    • M: Mindset This training plan will bring significant improvements quickly. Combined with being designed with realism and achieveability in mind, this training plan will ensure you're no longer worrying about whether you're doing the right training. And in turn, your confidence and enjoyment will skyrocket - which is hugely important come raceday

    • E: Effective Effort Every single minute of prescribed training in this plan is designed to provide the biggest possible progress towards your goal. Training time comes at a premium, so you can't afford to be training ineffectively.

    Learn more about the T.I.M.E. Training System here

    About Coach Rob Wilby

    • "Official Coaching Partner" of the Outlaw series of triathlons
    • Runner up in the 2018 "220 Triathlon Coach of the Year" awards
    • Founder of Team Oxygenaddict and creator of the T.I.M.E. Training System
    • Has coached hundreds of age-groupers to 70.3 & Iron-distance success
    • British Triathlon "Coach Educator & Assessor" - developing the next generation of triathlon coaches in the UK.
    • Host of the popular "Oxygenaddict Triathlon Podcast"
    • Speaker alongside Joe Friel and Chrissie Wellington at the Training Peaks Global Endurance summit in 2018

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Sample Day 1
(Swim) TOA Recovery 30' 100s

Key to swim groups, based on 400m time:
Intermediate swimmers - 400m slower than 8 mins
Advanced swimmers - 400m between 6 mins to 8 mins
Expert swimmers - 400m faster than 6 minutes
- - -
Warm-up: (All swimmers)
3 x 75m easy, alternate 25s as front crawl / back stroke
- - -
Main Set 1 (All swimmers) :
6 x 100 easy, on 15s rest. 
Push long and smooth off the wall.
- - -
Main Set 2 (Advanced and Expert only)
2 x 100 easy, on 15s rest.
- - -
Main Set 3 (Expert only)
2 x 100 easy, on 15s rest.
- - -
Cool Down (All swimmers)
2 x 50m, choice of stroke, easy

Sample Day 2
(Bike) Z4 FTP 2x (1,2,3,2,1) Pyramid

Warm up: (10 mins) 5 mins easy spin, gradually increase effort 3 mins as 30s fast effort, 30s easy recovery 2 mins very easy spin - - - Main set: (30 mins) 2x (1,2,3,2,1) min HARD effort (top Z4 FTP effort) off 1 minute easy spin (little ring) recovery. Efforts in aero position if possible. - - 4 mins easy spin recovery between sets - - - - Easy spin cool down for the rest of the session.

Sample Day 2
OPTIONAL FTP TEST - only if it's been 8 weeks or more since you last tested

Note: If it's been 8 weeks or more since you last did an FTP test, or you feel as though your fitness has significantly changed since the last test, do this test today INSTEAD of the other scheduled bike session.

- - -
10' gradually increase in effort to Z3 / moderately hard
5' as 3x1' Z4 (hard) off 1' recovery
5' very easy spin
- - -
Main Set: FTP HR (Functional Threshold Power and Heart Rate) Test
- - -
20' TT effort at the highest constant speed/power you can maintain.
- - -
Cool Down: 5-10 mins easy spin.
- - -
Build effort during the ride so you feel like you are trying harder in the second half than the first. Don't go off too fast and fade! If you have a power meter, aim to keep power constant throughout the ride. You should finish feeling totally spent.
- - -
Test result:
Power meter users: FTP = Avg power x 0.95
Heart Rate: FTHr = 20 min Avg HR
- - -
You can then update your FTP number in your TrainingPeaks account by clicking 'zones' in 'athlete account settings.' There is more information, and you can watch a video that walks you through this, here:

Sample Day 3
OPTIONAL CSS TEST - only if it's been 8 weeks or more since you last tested

Note: If it's been 8 weeks or more since you last did a CSS test, or you feel as though your fitness has significantly changed since the last test, do this test today INSTEAD of the other scheduled swim session.

- - -
Warm Up: (750m)
2 x 100 easy +30s
4 x 50 choice Drill, as 25 drill 25 full stroke
2 x 100 build pace through rep to moderate
2 x 50 build pace through rep to fast
2 x 25 fast
- - -
Main Set: (750m)
400 Time Trial (2-4 mins recovery, as necessary)
2 x 25, 2 x 50 easy, as active recovery +20s RI
200 Time Trial
- - -
Cool Down: (200)
4 x 50 easy, choice of stroke
- - -
Make sure you record your times for the 400 and 200 time trial. Swim them as fast as you can, but don't start off too fast and then fade. Remember, even pace will not feel like even effort - you'll have to build your effort through each TT.

Sample Day 6
(Bike) Z2 Long Endurance Ride

Long, steady ride to develop cardiovascular system, aerobic endurance and fuel efficiency.
- - -
Heart rate and power guidance:
On flats, HR top Z2, power 75% FTP
On hills, HR top Z3, power 85% FTP Note, this is a CAP not a TARGET!
- - -
Aim to make this ride constant, with minimal waiting and no coffee stops!

Sample Day 6
(Bike) Alternative turbo session (90') #1

NOTE - this session is an ALTERNATIVE session to the longer outdoor ride - eg if the weather is too bad or dangerous to ride. Try to get out to ride long ideally at least 3 times per 4 weeks.

Sample Day 10
(Run) Steady Run (E-pace)

Warm Up: 5 minutes gradually building to E pace.
- - -
Main Set: Run the rest of the session holding E-pace, with heart rate capped at the top of Z2. Breathing should be relaxed and regular.
- - -
Think about technique as you run - relaxed shoulders, hand position in front of rib cage, elbows bent at ninety degrees. Imagine being pulled forwards by an invisible string from the center of your chest.

Rob Wilby
| Triathlon Coaching

I am a professional triathlon coach - is my full time job. I specialise in coaching Age Group athletes who are serious about improving their performance - aspiring Kona and 70.3 WC qualifiers, and age group GB representatives.
I have coached over a hundred triathletes to successfully reach their goals - from professionals to those completing their first triathlon, through multiple Team GB AG qualifications, to multiple Kona and 70.3 WC qualifiers, to one World Champion.