Ironman Plan - 4mo (16wks) - Advanced - Bike & Run= Heart Rate

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:22
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:22
Training Load By Week

This is a 4-month Ironman plan that is specifically designed for an advanced level athlete looking to build their fitness level in a short period of time. This plan will push you to get faster and peak at the right time for your event. A typical week includes three swims, four bikes, and four runs. Athletes should plan on training 8-16 hours (peak week) and already have a strong background with endurance events/training.

What do you get in this plan?
• Email access to the author
• Training zones for each individual workout.
• Bike/run sessions fully up-loadable to compatible GPS devices and associated applications such as Garmin Connect, Trainer Road, etc...
• Periodized training plan that has been proven to achieve results.

Sample Day -4
BA #23(YDS) - Fins

Sample Day -2
BA #25(YDS) - 100s/50s build/AO

Sample Day 1
BA #22(YDS) - 25x100 PB/Pad

Sample Day 2
Steady Ride

Sample Day 3
BA #42(YDS) - Stroke rate 200s

Main set of the day today involves your stroke rate. You will need your TT to complete this one.

Sample Day 5
BA #41(YDS) - 200 Breathing Pyramid

Sample Day 8
BA #47(YDS) - Kicks and Splits

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