Inter IRONMAN 36 wk plan, email access to Coach, 10-16 hrs per wk, reusable, PEorHR[Run]+PWR[bike)

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:21
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:21
Training Load By Week


I purchased a plan on TrainingPeaks from Steve for my IRONMAN and was very impressed with its structure, variety, and detail.
Steve has also been very quick to respond to any queries or questions I have.

Conor Gaul 15th Nov 2018

This 36 week plan is designed for an Intermediate athlete who has between 10 - 16 hours available to train for their IRONMAN guided by power on the bike.

To be successful with this plan you should a number of years triathlon experience and have at least completed one IRONMAN distance race.

Plan outline
Base or fitness/stamina development = 20 weeks
Build or race specific training = 14 weeks
Taper or readying yourself for race day = 2 week
3 week progression:1 week recovery cycle

Typical week
On avg the plan works off a basis of 3 swim sessions, 3 run and 3 bike sessions in a typical week with an active recovery day - with the hourly training load ranging from 10-16 hours a week

What do you get in this plan?
• Unlimited email access to the author
• Free “How To Use Your Training Plan” and “Swim drills” guides
• Training zones using feel, heart rate, power or pace
• Bike/run sessions fully uploadable to compatible GPS devices and associated applications such as Garmin Connect, Trainer Road and Zwift etc

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Sample Day 24
Recovery swim session

Simple easy recovery set

Click on the paper clip to download a printable copy of the session

Warm up [200m, 200m Total]
200 warm up - 100 free style, 100 back stroke,

Main [1000m, 1200m Total]
10 x 100 m off CSS + 15 sec [30 rest imbetween]
5 x 200 with Pull buoy
45 sec rest between each

Cool down[200m, 1400m Total]
200 m back stroke easy

Total session distance = 1400

Sample Day 27
10km recovery run

Recovery runs should be always in the Z1 area - very easy - a good time to catch up on chats with a training partner

Sample Day 240
Tempo run 8km

Tempo runs are an excellent way for runners to work on building their speed and strength. They are runs that are done at a steady effort level, usually just a little slower than your 10K race pace.

Sample Day 241
Final IM swim set

Warm up: 200 = 100 front crawl and back crawl
Main set: To be completed with pull bouy 3800m straight
Cool down: 100 back stroke

Sample Day 242
Easy leg stretch jog

Very light 6km zone 1 run - just to make sure muscles are nice and loose

Sample Day 248
strength swim set

Warm up: 200 front crawl
Main set: To be completed with paddle and pull bouy 2 x 500m
Cool down: 200 back stroke

Sample Day 249
Short brick

1st km do not worry about pace/HR - focus completely on good form - engage your core - slight lean forward and ensuring your stride is landing on the ball of your foot
2nd target HIM race pace
3rd km easy cool down

Steven Moody Current Triathlon Ireland Coach of the year
SMart endurance solutions

*Triathlon Ireland coach of the year award winner 2017 based on athlete/peer voting*

Coach Steve has over 20 years experience in endurance sports racing, including numerous IRONMAN and 70.3 finishes (including 2xworld champ qualification)

As a full time coach (TP level 2, Ironman U certified), Steven specialises in helping time Age Group triathletes and runners realize their goals.

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