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Ironman 10 weeks final prep - by IM Champion Astrid Stienen


Astrid Stienen

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10 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman advanced masters multi day power based pace based tss based strength

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Plan Description

This is a demanding plan for the final 10 weeks before your A-race. It will help you to take you to the next step and finish in the Top-10 of your age group at a big event. There is no such feeling as standing on the podium, qualify for Kona or race strong on the Big Island. This plan will help you to live your dream.

Ironman Champion Astrid Stienen already proofed that she can not only race strong but also be a smart coach. Working together with athletes from all over the world, she will help you to achieve your goals. She not only raced in Kona herself but also helped athletes to qualify for Kona.

This plan is made for ambitious athletes who want to qualify for Kona and already have a solid form and fitness. You should be able to train 20-25h per week. If you find time for additional stretching and massage it will help you with your recovery.

NOTE: There is also a premium version of this plan: Talk to Astrid on Skype or Facetime and discuss your plan and get additional tips for your race day.

Structured workouts will make it easier to follow this plan. You can see your own target zones for every workout and get daily email reminders or mobile notification. You will also be able to see a graphic representation of the workout in the TrainingPeaks website or mobile app which helps you understand how the workout is built.

If you have a compatible device such as Garmin, Zwift, TraninerRoad, CacleOps, RacerMate or other you can export the workouts which will make training even easier for you. For more details visit:

I hope you enjoy training with my plan. For more information please visit my website

Of course, you also have the opportunity for a one on one phone, Skype or email consultation. This would be at an extra cost of $150/hr. For more information or to set up a consult, please contact me:


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:18 hrs 7:00 hrs
12:16 hrs 5:00 hrs
3:47 hrs 2:00 hrs
0:39 hrs 1:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:18 hrs 7:00 hrs
12:16 hrs 5:00 hrs
3:47 hrs 2:00 hrs
0:39 hrs 1:00 hrs

Training Load By Week

Astrid Stienen

I'm an IRONMAN-Pro, 2x Ironman Champion with a PB of 8:54 and - as an Agegroup-athlete - Ironman World- and European Champion. I love to share all my experience as coach. Seeing my athletes succeed is the fuel of my life and one of the best feelings I know.

So if you also want to succeed and think we can be a good team. Just get coached by me or buy one of my training plans.

I'll help you become who you want as an athlete.

Let's start.


Sample Day 1

Monday swim

Welcome to the Kona prep, the training plan that will make you race strong on the Big Island.

We start the first week with an 3100m swim session, with focus on longer sets of 300m and some intervals of 150m.
Focus on a proper stroke length.

Enjoy and have a succesful prep.

RPE 13-14

Sample Day 1

Endurance run

Today is an easy endurance run.

The goal of this run, is to build your basic endurance, so please no hard efforts and if you are running in a hilly terrain, slow down.

RPE 13

Sample Day 2

Strength Routine / see Attachment

Strength is a very important factor if you are aiming for new personal bests. So I worked out a training routine which helped professional triathletes to even win IRONAM races and Agegroupers to achieve a lot better posture than they had before. With this posture movements during endurance sports get more efficient and faster.

Please find attached the strength routine I strongly recommend to do 2-3x a week.

Sample Day 2

Endurance ride

The first ride of the week is just an easy endurance ride at 75% FTP.

As long distance triathlon is all about minimizing you calorie consumption, focus on a high cadence during every workout and during the race. Higher cadences use different muscles types then cadences where you focus on power. This will make you run faster and reduce your calorie consumption. Proper shifting is also essential.

Note every rider is different, so any rpm within the given range is good.

RPE 13

Sample Day 3

Interval-session 4x1000m

Today we focus on speedwork.

After an easy warm up of 3k, you'll perform 4x1000m at your 5k race-pace. After every interval it is 400m easy running. When you're finished cool down for 3.8k and loosen your muscles.

Intervals RPE 17-18, all other parts 13.

Sample Day 3

Fun ride

Today is a 3h endurance ride spiced with three intervals.

The session is called fun ride, as I want you to perform the intervals as a race. If you ride in a hilly region, attack every hill and make sure, that you'll have at least a 5' break in between the intervals. If you want you can also race a friend. If you ride on the flats you can perform a time trial of 10' or a team time trial slipstreaming your training buddy after you performed the interval.

RPE 13-14, Intervals RPE 18-19.

Sample Day 4

race pace 2 x 30 min

Today is race simulation, you'll perform a short bike session with 60' close to your IRONMAN race pace.
As always, aim for a high cadence and make sure you hydrate well, as this session is followed by a brick run

Intervals RPE 14, rest 12-13

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