Full Distance Triathlon Plan / General / Designed for Strength Training *Does NOT end on race day*


The Sufferfest


16 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 3 Bike, 3 Run, 3 Swim

Longest Workout

1:30 hrs swim
6:30 hrs bike
2:20 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman advanced

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Want to CRUSH that 140.6 you have in 16 weeks? This is the training plan for you!

Can you answer yes to all of these questions?

You’ve been training consistently for the last 9 months, averaging between 8 and 12 hours a week.
You can run comfortably for 10 miles without any pain or without needing to stop.
You can swim continuously in open water for more than 60 minutes without needing to stop or hold onto something.
You’ve completed a half distance triathlon at least once before and are familiar with training for all three disciplines
You want to take a structured approach to help you get the most out of your training.
You are time-crunched and only have 8-16 hours available a week to train.
You have access to a swimming pool or suitable body of water 2-3 times per week.
You want to become a more well-rounded athlete by incorporating Yoga and Strength Training into your weekly training routine.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:28
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:28
Average Weekly Breakdown

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Sample Day 1

Adding Strength

Before selecting which Level of SUFSTR you want to add to this Strength Optimized Training Plan check out what we recommend based on your previous strength training experience thesuf.com/ChooseYourLevel

Those going with the Beginner series will want to follow this link

Those going with the Intermediate series will want to follow this link

When applying your Strength Plan onto this existing plan it is very important that the selected "Start Date" for both plans are the same date. For most people we recommend starting these plans on a Monday.

Sample Day 1

Technique A

In case you need to brush up on your [technique definitions](http://thesuf.com/HCtechswim)

Warm Up
200m stroke of your choice @ RPE 2

Activation 1
Number of Sets:
Interval Distance:
25m Drill
10 seconds rest

Activation 2
Number of Sets:
Interval Distance:
200m Pull
20 seconds rest

Main Effort
Interval 1
150m One Arm Freestyle
20 Seconds Rest
Interval 2
-200m 3/4 Catch Up
20 Seconds Rest
Interval 3
-200m Elbow-Hip-Elbow
20 Seconds Rest
Interval 4
-150m Fist Drill
20 Seconds Rest
Interval 5
-200m Zipper Drill
20 Seconds Rest

Repeat until full swim time is completed

Cool Down
200m stroke of your choice @ RPE < 2

Sample Day 1

Your need-to-know Swim Info

[All](https://thesuf.com/swim) the info you need to understand and CRUSH your swim workouts.

Sample Day 2

NoVid: Recovery Spin

Don’t be afraid of the Two Rs: rest and recovery.
Believe it or not, you get faster when your
body is taking it easy after all that suffering.

A recovery spin is a very low intensity ride, so easy that you’d feel embarrassed to ride so slow if you didn’t know you were helping your body
get much faster.

A good recovery spin is done at a cadence above 90 RPM. While keeping power below 50% of FTP, or and RPE less than 2.5, and keeping your heart rate in Zone 1 the entire time.

Recovery spins can be done outdoors, but due to the low power demands, they are often easier done on the trainer.

Resist the voice of your inner Sufferlandrian telling you to go faster.

Sample Day 2

Train Your Brain: Add Mental Toughness to your Plan

Endurance exercise is equal parts physical and mental, so why only train half of the equation?

Go into the "Mental Training" activities tab and take 6 minutes to complete "Intro to the Sufferfest Mental Training Program"

Even if you had no intention of adding Mental Training to your daily to-do list, give this first part a listen, you might just be surprised!

If you decide you want to up your Mental Game (and why wouldn't you?) you can add the Mental Training Program into TrainingPeaks by following this link:

Sample Day 2

Questions about SUF Strength?

Give this [this](https://thesuf.com/SUFSTRFAQ) page a read. It covers just about everything you need to know before starting into SUFSTR

Still have questions? Pop over to our [Forums](https://thesuf.com/training_forum)and ask!

Sample Day 3

Before getting started: Tri Training Tips

To help you make the most out of this training plan we have created a series of articles to help walk you through some issues and commonly asked questions that will likely pop up for you in the coming weeks.

A little extra reading now will go a long way in ensuring your success!

Meet your coaches

Basic Notes/ FAQ

Why you should add in Yoga

Tips Tricks and Definitions for triathlon

Full Distance Triathlon Plan / General / Designed for Strength Training *Does NOT end on race day*

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