Final 10 weeks to Your LD Triathlon - Intermediate


Luke Dragstra

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10 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Bike, 2 Swim, 2 Run, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

0:40 hrs swim
5:30 hrs bike
2:30 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman intermediate time goal multi day power based hr based pace based tss based

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This is a program for athletes who don't have a tonne of time but want to perform and improve. We've had guys and gals go top 5 in the AG off variations of this program so if you can follow it closely you should see good gains.
We throw the 2weeks on-1 week off out the window in this final block for several reasons.
1. You should have a big base leading into this block.
2. The last 2 weeks of it are already reduced volume.
3. There are plenty of rest days mixed in so you should get enough recovery.
Should you feel overly tired at some point i would take 3-4 days off or easy and try to get the weekend seesion. You can also back off the intensity/distance on a weekend session if needed.

I also encourage a Half IM event during this 10 week block. Week 3 (7 weeks to event) is ideal but week weeks 4 or 5 are also fine. Replace the big weekend session(s) with the race - don't try to make them up during the week. You can back the training off a little during the week and also the following week but try to do the hard session the following weekend if you are recovered enough.

The program uses Power and thresholds for the bike sessions. Using power is much more effective than HR, especially when riding intervals. Power meters are getting less and less expensive and if you look around for 2nd hand ones you can probably get one for a 3-400usd or euro, or a few thousand sek.

Use the resources within training peaks to get a good idea of your Thresholds (FTP, Run Pace Threshold, T-Pace for swimming) and you will get accurate training data you can use and build on for years.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:08
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:08
Average Weekly Breakdown

Luke Dragstra

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Sample Day 1

Road Cycling

Sample Day 3

Ironman Test set

BT: Warm up:
2x 200 building speed each 50 (slow-mod-faster-fastest). Rest 30 sec.

Then 5 x 400 (10 sec recoveries) building speed on each 100 (slow-mod-faster-fastest). Recover 10 seconds after last one.

Then swim a 400 time trial. All out. Your average 100 pace for this is your T-time for future workouts.

Then swim easy, 100 cool down.

Sample Day 4


Sample Day 4


Sample Day 6

first bike of 3

Easy pace on this one.. lots to come.. Keep it below (slower than) Ironman effort

Sample Day 6

run 1

keep the pace below IM effort on this first one. I want you feeling strong at the end.

Sample Day 6

bike 2

Keep it at IM effort. Don't be a hero. I don't want ou buried so you can't train properly next week.

Final 10 weeks to Your LD Triathlon - Intermediate

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