Enduring Ironman - LEVEL 2

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:02
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:02
Training Load By Week

This 30 week Level 2 Enduring Ironman Plan is very progressive in nature and is based around consistent training over a 6-6+ month period. The plan starts very light in week 1 and gradually progresses ad becomes more specific as you go. Athletes who already have a light foundation of training and experience may start in week 7 (of 30)

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All shorter, mid week cycling sessions are scripted in detail and done on the indoor trainer for time efficiency and to improve quality of training. If you prefer to ride outdoors it is easily adaptable

The plan is designed with optional easy OR off days and is also flexible enough that you can move sessions as they fit in your schedule better

Week 12 in to week 13 is scheduled as a VERY EASY unloading phase to prepare for the final phase of the plan. IF the schedule works, week 12 could also be a good chance to do a 70.3 (or any) race

Sample Day 1
Base Steady

WU = 200 ez swim, 200 w/ skill focus, 4 x 25 build

Main Set: continuous @ 10sec rest
2 x (100,75,50,25 moderate effort)

WD = 6 x50 drill/ form ez

Sample Day 2
Foundation 1/1

5min Easy to Start ... building slightly every 5min, changing cadence every 2-3min ... at the 20min mark perform 3 x (1min hard effort / 1min VERY easy effort) ... finish with 4min easy

Sample Day 2
EZ Transition

Relaxed - L1 ... hold back ... finish with 4 x 10sec strides # full recovery

Sample Day 3
Base Strength

WU = 200 swim, 200 w/skill focus, 4 x 25 build to fast

4x50 strong @ 10sec
200 EZ
2x100 mod @ 10sec

WD = 100 easy choice

Sample Day 3
Easy Run + Strides

Easy run finished with 4 x 10 sec strides @ full recovery

Sample Day 4
Gradual Build

5min Easy to Start ... building slightly every 5min, changing cadence every 2-3min ... effort not to exceed Zone 2 ... finish with 2-3min EZ

Sample Day 5
Straight Pull Set

WU = choice of 300

400 pull --> start ez/mod, finish strong / very strong ... don't fade across the the distance

WD = Choice of at least 300

David K Latourette
Train To Endure

AS a 28 year veteran of the coaching industry (and as an athlete) I have an intimate knowledge of what athletes need and can handle, be it elite or an age grouper managing a tight schedule. I am a USAT Level II coach, and have been certified by USA Triathlon since their inaugural certification class in 1998. As well I am currently a Coach and Instructor of Kinesiology at Santa Rosa Junior College (Ca.) and run my Endurance Sports Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring Business.