Low volume- IM plan


Mike Bridge

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27 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Swim, 3 Bike, 2 Run, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:30 hrs swim
4:04 hrs bike
1:30 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman beginner

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A low volume plan for aspiring 140.6 athletes who are time crunched. With a peak week that is only a touch over 9 hrs and most weeks no more than 8 hrs, this plan is ideal for those who need to juggle training around busy lives.
The plan is uses power metrics on the bike and %threshold pace on the swim and run, but these can be altered if the athlete has other preferences or equipment.
Most weeks are designed so that there are spare days that can accommodate sessions that need shifting around but remember that a clear 24 hrs should be left between any two high intensity bike or run sets.
This plan will get you through your first 140.6 and leave you with a good base on which to develop for your next big effort.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:33
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:33
Average Weekly Breakdown

Mike Bridge


Swimming technique improvement, Triathlon racing and skills, training program design

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Sample Day 1

CSS test

The CSS test involves two timetrial swims - a 400m and a 200m.

Do the 400m timetrial first, it's less likely to effect the 200m than the other way around. Recover completely between each timetrial with some easy swimming. Perform both timetrials from a push off from the wall, not a dive.
Try and pace the trials as evenly as possible, don't start too fast and slow down.
This test will give us the pace at which we will conduct the hard training sets in this phase.

Read more: http://www.swimsmooth.com/training.html#ixzz4Ye46zGGW

Sample Day 2

FTP test

This test protocol is to establish your FTP. The 5min effort will give a good idea of your maximal aerobic capacity, this is a good metric to use when completing v02 max training.
The 20 min ftp effort measures your sustainable power and is a good metric against which to measure your progress. As there is a tough effort before the FTP there is no need to detract 5% from the score. The avg power of the 20min effort will be your FTP.
Make sure your power meter records all the data from the 20 min effort.

Sample Day 3

Form under stress 1

A session that builds endurance whilst improving your pedalling technique.
The aim here is to concentrate on improving your pedal skills when you are already fatigued. The drills require mindfulness but are done using both feet in the bike. An indoor trainer or moderately steep hills would be best for this set.

Sample Day 5

vV02 max test

This test is designed to establish your vV02 pace (see Racesnake.co.uk for more info.). Make sure that you can record the distance you cover accurately (to within 3m).
A running track is the best location for this test, but a flat firm circuit will suffice.
Your vV02 pace is the average pace you sustain for the 6 minutes and you will conduct most of your hard intervals at this pace.

Sample Day 7

Long z2 bike Copy

Simple- easy ride. You should be able to talk and eat with ease throughout.

Sample Day 11

vV02 session 60/60 new

vV02 session best completed on a running track. However a road loop (housing estate etc) that allows fast running will be fine. Much of the time at V02 max occurs during the recovery so make sure you keep to a consistent pace in the recovery throughout the effort.
Initially running at you 1 mile P.B pace will feel comfortable, but by about half way it will really hurt, so keep pushing.

Sample Day 14

Long z2 bike Copy

Simple- easy ride. You should be able to talk and eat with ease throughout.

Low volume- IM plan

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