Enduring 140.6 - 24 Week Ironman Plan - Beginner Level 1

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:06
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:06
Training Load By Week

This Beginner-Novice 24 week plan is very progressive in nature and is based around consistent training over a 6 month period. Our 'Enduring 140.6' - Level 1 Program is designed for the age group triathlete who has set a goal of completing their first Ironman OR for the Ironman finisher who is returning to the 140.6 distance after a significant time off.

This plan is designed for the busy, amateur athlete who may have a a variety of commitments including a family, full-time job, graduate school, spouse, business and/or other responsibilities. This program builds on shorter mid-week training sessions that accommodate a Monday - Friday work or school week and longer weekend training sessions. This program can also be adapted for a non-traditional work week (aka nurses, fireman, dispatchers, etc).

Also included in this plan are:
-Detailed mid-week indoor cycling sessions for the indoor trainer for time efficiency.
-Options to do mid-week runs on a treadmill for those enduring weather or time-constraints.
-Combination sessions (swim-run OR swim-bike)
-Brick sessions (Bike - run)
-Race simulation sessions and pacing.
-Rest Day Options
This plan is designed with optional easy OR off days and is also flexible enough that you can move sessions as they fit in your schedule better.

All Training sessions are based on time and occasionally mileage and include options for training by Perceived Exertion (RPE), Heart Rate (HR), and/or Power Levels / Zones (PL). This program starts in week 1 with 8 hours of training and gradually increases in volume and load over the 24 weeks period.

Also included in the Enduring Ironman Level 1 Plan:
* 24 week daily structure Ironman training program
* A training Intensity Guide Index
* Guidelines for race day pacing & fueling
* Suggestions for managing missed days
* Guidelines for including other races in your build up
* Reduced pricing on athlete consultation
* Included is our "Enduring Athlete's Guide"

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If you have questions about the program or including Zwift Cycling & Running in your weekly training please email Coach Jen at jenny@traintoendure.com.

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Thank you and happy training!

Sample Day 1
Base Steady

WU = 300 ez swim, 300 w/ skill focus, 4 x 25 build

Main Set: continuous @ 10sec rest
4 x (100,75,50,25 moderate effort)

WD = 6 x50 drill/ form ez

Sample Day 2

Easy effort ... building to cadence of 90+ rpms

Sample Day 2
EZ Transition

Relaxed - L1 ... hold back ... finish with 4 x 10sec strides # full recovery

Sample Day 3
Base Strength

WU = 300 swim, 300 w/skill focus, 4 x 25 build to fast

6x50 strong @ 10sec
300 EZ
4x100 mod @ 10sec

WD = 300 easy choice

Sample Day 3
Easy Run + Strides

Easy run finished with 4 x 10 sec strides @ full recovery

Sample Day 4
Indoor Trainer - Base Cadence

-10min L1 Easy Spin (Include single leg drills)
- 9min build to L2
-1min easy
- 8min L2 @ 70-80rpms
-1min easy
- 7min L2 @ 80-90rpms
-1min easy
- 6min L2 @ 70-80rpms
-1min EZ
- 5min L1 @ 90-95 rpms
-1min EZ
- 4min L2 @ 65-75 rpms
- 5min easy sin

Sample Day 5
Straight Pull Set

WU = choice of 500

800 pull --> start ez/mod, finish strong / very strong ... don't fade across the the distance

WD = Choice of at least 500

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