Ironman 12 Week Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:09
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:09
Training Load By Week

The Ironman is a unique beast and requires a significant amount of preparation and respect. As a sports scientist, coach and past Ironman competitor, I understand the physiological demands of the event practically and theoretically.
Like many endurance events, the key focus in training for an Ironman is consistency. This plan may not have the volume of other plans on the market, but it has been scientifically designed for results. I realise the majority of age-group athletes are busy and highly-driven individuals. These factors generally result in athletes overdoing their weekly volume, training while tired and ultimately becoming over-trained or injured.
I have designed this plan in a way that any individual from a 10 hr athlete to a 15 hr+ weekend warrior will be able to improve. The scientific principles that underpin this plan ensure you are always working at the most efficient training intensity for you personally. By utilising the benefits of heart rate, each athlete using this program will not over or under train because you will always be training relative to yourself.

> Scientific design by PhD Sport Scientist
> Low volume
> Specifically for Ironman
> Easy to understand workout descriptions
> Email support

Sample Day 1
Long ride

This ride can be done solo or with a bunch. If you have a look on google, FB or even strava you should be able to find a local bunch ride.

Sample Day 9
Moderate Tempo Swim

600 warm up (150 swim/50 kick/repeat)
3x200 pull w/:20 rest (descend 1-3)
300 swim (100 free/50 non-free/repeat)
4x100 w/:15 rest (25 sprint kick/70 strong swim)
200 swim
4x50 w/:10 rest (any 20 strokes FAST)
200 cool down

Sample Day 10
20min Tempo

20min gradual warm up then 20min @ 8/10 effort (threshold), cool down.

Sample Day 10
Power builder - erg

Gradual warm-up 10-15min 2 sets of 3 x 3 minutes on (7-8 out of 10), 3 minutes off. Rest for 6 minutes between sets. Cool down.

Sample Day 11
Aerobic Sprint Set

300 choice warm up.
12x25 w/:15 rest (3 build, 1 easy)
300 swim
8x25 w/:15 rest (1 non-free/1 free)
300 (kick/drill/swim by 25)
6x25 w/:15 rest (1 easy/1 FAST!)
200 pull (3/5 breathing pattern)
6x25 w/:15 rest (FAST 5 meters kick underwater)
100 choice kick
4x25 w/:30 rest (all RACE, from a dive)
100 easy/recovery
4x50 pull w/:15 rest (distance per stroke)
100 cool down

Sample Day 11
Aerobic Run

Gradual warm-up with an aerobic threshold 40min and short gradual cool-down.

Sample Day 12
General Ride

Easy-steady with a bit of hills.

Will O'Connor - PhD
Performance Advantage

I have PhD in sports science and work with many top endurance athletes. Personally, I love trail running, but will compete in almost anything endurance based.

My coaching philosophy is built around educating athletes and taking time to understand their personal situation and sporting goals.