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Developing a Imagery/Visualization Practice



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2 Weeks

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Plan Description

There is no way to debate that your mentality has an effect on you performance. No matter how small or large it could be there is something to work on; more than that 1% or marginal gain you will get from buying Nike’s new shoe or that $500 Ceramic Speed derailleur cage. As you will hear from any sports psychologist, the mind is too often overlooked for its performance capabilities. Imagery has a lot of benefits, but just like aerobic capacity and FTP it requires training to develop. This 2 week plan can be easily loaded into TrainingPeaks to help guide you through developing your Imagery/visualization skill.

Once you are done with the plan you will experience:
1. A better sense of self and the world you live in. You will find yourself able to enjoy the present moment and be more aware of the senses that are being activated.
2. Increased motivation to workout and reach your goal.
3. Increased ability to recognize technical skills that are working for you and some that might need some additional work.

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