36 week (20 base+16 build including test weeks) Ironman beginner plan, reusable, HR based

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:40
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:40
Training Load By Week

“I found Coach Steve's plan to be well thought out and each session was clearly explained. It was due to this plan that I was able to arrive to the start line of my Ironman feeling confident I was 100% ready for the race. The day itself went to clock work and I ended up smashing my target time of 12 hours!"

Kevin Robinson,Smart endurance training plan user 2017 season

This 36 week plan will help any beginner triathlete initially map out their current fitness levels and progress from an Olympic/international distance triathlete to a full Ironman

Who is this plan for?
This 36 week plan is designed to help a beginner triathlete build their fitness to be ready to tackle an Ironman
To be successful with this plan you should have at least a year of triathlon experience including completing an Olympic/international distance race to date.

What do you get in this plan

• Email access to the author

• PDF guides on “How To Use Your Training Plan” and “Swim drills”

• Training zones using feel, heart rate, power or pace

Training plan outline
The plan is broken into 36 weeks (based on a 3 week progression and 1 week recovery cycle)

- 20 weeks base - increasing your stamina/fitness [includes baseline test weeks]

- 16 weeks build - increasing your race skills/speed [includes retest weeks]

Typical training week
On avg the plan works off a basis of 2 swim sessions, 2 run and 3 bike sessions in a typical week - with the hourly training load ranging from 6 - 14 hours a week

Each swim/cycle/run session is clearly laid out in terms of what the athlete needs to do and when best to do the sessions and is based primarily on HR zones that the athlete should train in

** NEW ** All swim session details available in printable word doc for ease of carrying to the pool and all swim/bike run sessions can be uploaded to compatible GPS devices taking all the remembering out of the equation - you just concentrate on the training!

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Sample Day 1
Swim session - tech/drills + Critical Swim Speed (CSS) assessment

Assumes 50 m pool - please adjust lengths accordingly to ensure distance covered

Option to download/print off session detail to bring to pool from paper clip in top right corner

Warm up [200m, 200m Total]
200 warm up - 100 free style, 100 back stroke,

Drills [12 lengths i.e. 600m, 800m Total]
(check youtube doc for links to demos if unsure of drill specifics]
1 - 3 - single arm (Left)
4 - 6 - single arm (Right)
7 - 9 - fist
10 - 12 - Easy, Mod & Hard free style

Main [600m, 1400m Total]
6 * 100 (done as hard - note avg time from start of 100 to touch wall - take 20 sec recovery imbetween) - overall avg will be your (critical swim speed (CSS) benchmark

Cool down [200m, 1600m total]
200 m back stroke easy

Total session distance = 1600

Sample Day 1
Aerobic easy run with strides to encourage good form

Aerobic Zone 2 paced run focus on good running form (engage core, slight lean forward from hips to ensure mainly landing on ball of foot when making contact with ground) with a Stride every 5mins

Sample Day 2
Turbo set - endurance or 60 min easy spin

Turbo sets are a great way to improve cycling and stroke efficiency as you remove the other variables such as road surface, weather and traffic!

10 min easy zone 1 warm up
30 mins zone 2
10 mins cool down zone 1

Sample Day 3
Pool session - Endurance focus NB requires pb and paddles

Assumes 50 m pool - please adjust lengths accordingly to ensure distance covered

Option to download/print off session detail to bring to pool from paper clip in top right corner

Endurance sets are designed to build stamina and strength in the water so you can go for longer distances without any issue

Warm Up [200, 200 total]
300m = 100 f/s, 100 b/s,

Drills [400, 600 total]
Single arm: 2 x 50 (1stLeft, 2nd right), 10 sec Rest
Pull Buoy: 2 x 50, as 25 Fists, 25 swim 10 sec Rest
Increasing effort: 1st 50 easy, 2nd 50 moderate, 3rd 50 hard, 4th 50 recovery

Main Set: [600, 1200 total]
1st 300m no swim aids 1 min rest
2nd 300m with pull bouy & paddles 1 min rest

Cool down: [200, 1400 total]
200m = 200 backstroke

Sample Day 4
Tempo run

Tempo runs are an excellent way for triathletes to work on building their speed and strength. They are runs that are done at a steady effort level, usually just a little slower than your 10K race pace

Session details
1km warm up zone 1
6km @10km pace or zone 3
1km cool down zone 1

Sample Day 6
Run test

NB needs Garmin and HR monitor as I am looking for data points to plot zones on going forward

Please ignore the target distance - this is for my tracking purposes - the actual distance will be determined by you

Best done on flat out and back course
Warm up gently for 10 mins (including stopping to stretch hamstrings/calves/glutes)

For the actual test I want you to accelerate to a tempo which you believe you can sustain for 30 min continuous running, but not longer. This should feel difficult!

10 min warm down please

Once you have the HR data uploaded to this session - open via the analyse icon in the top right hand corner and follow the following steps outlined in the below link

Sample Day 7
Long bike endurance focus

Long endurance based bikes in the base period are to build your endurance and should be in the z1/z2 HR range

Steven Moody Triathlon Ireland Coach of the year 2017
SMart endurance solutions

During a successful corporate career, Steven amassed over 15 years experience in endurance sports racing, including 7 full IM full finishes to date and a 70.3 World championship qualification.

Now a full time coach (TP level 2, Ironman U certified and Triathlon Ireland coach of the year award winner), Steven specialises in helping time crunched triathletes and runners realize their goals.

See http://www.smartendurancesolutions.com/testimonials/ for sample client feedback