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Ironman_Attack phase_16 weeks for sub 12hrs


Tatjana Ivanova, pro Coach, 16xIronman, former pro cyclist

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16 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman intermediate advanced masters hr based pace based tss based

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Plan Description

Hello! This plan is the final and most important part of the 30 weeks Ironman plan - Cycle III - "ATTACK". Yes, we are going to attack our form to get ready for a sub 12hrs race. If you are really disciplined in training and lucky on a race day, you can also race around 10hrs with this plan - evidence-based! Because I put the best of all coaching into this baby - this plan contains only proven successful coaching practice I collected from the best coaches around the world - the German, Australian, Swiss and Russian schools - and from my own experience of coaching and racing.
This plan is for ambitious triathletes with some experience and who have completed at least 12 weeks of training - Cycle 1 and 2 - entry and consolidation phases. We start right away with triathlon-specific training and moderate levels of volume and intensity, which then grow every week.
The training is based on duration, heart rate and your "feel/perception". The feel is important - we want to listen to our bodies to stay injury-free. We also want to understand our minds, because we need to develop mental toughness and fatigue resistance - Ironman is 80% mental. In the "ATTACK" phase we train our bodies and we program our minds for a superb performance on a race day!

Here is some general guidance how to calculate your training zone, based on your max HR.
Max HR women = 205 - 1/2(age). Max HR men = 220 - age
Z1 = <60% of Max HR
Z2 = 60-75% of Max HR
Z3 = 75-85% of Max HR
Z4 = 85-95% of Max HR
Please note, that Max HR for running which is the reference above is typically 10 bpm higher that for cycling, since more muscles are involved in running. So for your bike training zones, please subtract 10bpm from all values of running zones.
Abbreviations: Z=zone, P=pause, PB=pullbuoy, PD=paddles, B=band, HR=heart rate, bpm=beats per minute.
Please read all descriptions and sweat the seemingly small things - details matter! For personal guidance and all questions, please contact me at Have fun training!! Tatjana


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:32 hrs 2:00 hrs
2:49 hrs 1:30 hrs
0:38 hrs 0:20 hrs
6:08 hrs 5:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:32 hrs 2:00 hrs
2:49 hrs 1:30 hrs
0:38 hrs 0:20 hrs
6:08 hrs 5:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Tatjana Ivanova (DTU A Trainer, Ironman, Ultra Endurance, Sport Psychology)

Coach Tatjana

With 10+ years of coaching and 20+ years of racing experience, Tatjana is a certified IronmanU, TriSutto (Brett Sutton), A Level Elite DTU (Germany) and TP level 2 coach. All her athletes, from rookies to Kona qualifiers, always over-achieved their objectives and never DNF-ed!
Профессиональный тренер по триатлону c 2005 года, сертифицирована IRONMAN, федерацией триатлонa Германии (DTU), академией Брета Саттона (TriSutto). Тренирую новичков, серьезных любителей и полу-профессионалов.

Sample Day 1

Monday MMM 100-400 intervals

WU: 300m free, 100 back, 100 breaststr.
Sprints: 12x25 (each 3rd - fast). P 10sec.
4x100 on 2:10 (easy)
3x200 on 4:10 (moderate)
2x300 on 6:00 (medium)
1x400 - mad/all out.
300 PB recovery
Cool-down: 200m mixed styles

Sample Day 2

Tuesday Track run: 15x(30/30)

Warm-up: 20min Z2 plus 5min run ABC and 3 short accelerations over 60m to max speed.
Main set: 15x(30sec fast - 30sec easy) - non-stop!
Cool-down: 15min-20min Z2 jog. Please include 5min barefoot if possible.

Sample Day 2

IronDrills Core

Please hold each drill ca. 45-60sec.

Sample Day 3

90min MMM accelerated ride + 15min

Please ride 30min easy in Z2 with cadence 80-90, 30min in Z3 with cadence 70-80 and 30min in Z3 with cadence 60-70. Please change gears accordingly and record your HR and average speed and power output (if available). Finish with 15min easy spinning with high cadence.

Sample Day 4

Long Run

Steady run in Z2 - no slowing down.

Sample Day 5


Simple plan:
Warm-up 500m: 300m free, 200m non-free
Main set: 4x10x50:
1st and 3rd PB/Band start on 60sec
2nd and 4th PB/PD/Band on 55sec.
90sec pause between sets.
Cool-down = Warm-up. Total 3KM.

Sample Day 5

IronDrills Core

Please hold each drill ca 45-60sec.

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