24 Week IRONMAN Plan: Intermediate Level, Power, HR, TSS based (Sunday Race, Reusable, 15 hours max)

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:58
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:58
Training Load By Week

"You are an IRONMAN!" This is the exclamation you dream of hearing as you cross the line with your fist pumping in the air and a massive smile on your face. You have done something incredible; you have conquered yourself and there is no greater victory. But in order to feel that thrill of accomplishment training is critical. That is why I have developed this plan! This plan is for the intermediate level athlete who has done an IRONMAN before, or done several 70.3 and is ready to take their training to the next level. This 24 week plan is based on Power for the bike and HR for the run so that it gives the most accurate TSS score and allows you to track your training almost as I would as a coach. Using TSS allows you to monitor Ramp Rates in your CTL to make sure you aren't overtraining. The plan is designed to prevent this, but there are days when you might push too hard on the workout, especially early on, so using these metrics will help you identify this and make minor adjustments accordingly. As an IRONMAN Certified Coach, this plan was developed with the principles of periodization and specificity in mind. It is made up of 3 week cycles, 2 loading, 1 deloading. Each week typically has 3 swims, 3 runs, 3 bikes, and a brick workout. Some runs are optional as a brick. My main philosophy is aerobic conditioning, so most of the workouts are designed to get you to either push your aerobic threshold a little higher or condition the body to become efficient in the zones you will use for Ironman. Therefore, each week is designed with Monday as the designated rest day (where the focus is on mobility), the next 3 days of the week as the key higher intensity workouts to increase lactate threshold or power threshold, and the final three days are for higher endurance focus and-or recovery. The plan starts out at 9 hours a week and builds to 15 hours by week 17, from there there is one mesocycle (3 week block) at a high intensity and volume before tapering down for race week. The plan tests your thresholds frequently and has two days that are combination run/bike/swim simulations. The first of these can be replaced by a "B" priority race of IRONMAN 70.3 or an Olympic Distance Triathlon. My goal with my plans is to give you the tools to perform on race day by learning how the body adapts to the training stimulus. It is based on science, but will also you to develop the art of learning how each effort feels so that when you are 80 miles into the bike and you are feeling the burn, you know exactly how hard you should push in order to accomplish your goal! To your success, Griffin

Sample Day 2
Run Test

Warm Up: 
10 minute jog with 4 x 50m strides

Dynamic Drills:
2 x 10 butt kicks
2 x 10 high knees
2 x 10 leg swings (front to back, side to side)
2 x 10 hip openers

30 minutes all out, recording 30 pace for 30 minutes and HR for last 20 minutes. Average pace will be LT Pace (input into Zones) and HR will be LTHR (input into Zones)

Cool Down:
5-10 Min Easy

Sample Day 2
Easy Spin

Sample Day 3
Swim Test

100 swim as 25 free, 25 fist drill, 25 free, 25 catch up, then 100 kick

MS: 1000 yards or meters, complete as if racing - all out but pace yourself. Record time per 100, this is your threshold pace (input into your Zones)

CD: 200 swim as 50 backstroke, 50 free, 50 backstroke, 50 free

*Swim TSS will be estimated since workouts are pace based but TSS is based on time. In general, swim TSS should be 1.2X to 1.5X the total minutes

Rest will be indicated by (10") which means 10 seconds rest.

Sample Day 3

Strength will be your choice. If you enjoy working with a personal trainer, or have a set routine then continue to do so. If you would like a suggested template, you can use the coupon code in the final week of this plan to apply to my Strength Training plan for 24 week IRONMAN.

Done correctly, Strength has a negligible effect on TSS.

Sample Day 4
FTP Test

Sample Day 4
Easy Run

Sample Day 5

300 as 100 free, 100 pull for form, 100 free

4 x 100 descending times (20")
50 easy kick
4 x 100 descending times (30")

50 kick, 100 easy pull

*paces are estimated, use your threshold pace

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