IRONMAN Training Plan (Beginner-Intermediate, 20 weeks, Sunday Race)

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:58
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:58
Training Load By Week

Simple. Effective. Transformative.
In order to truely S.E.T yourself up for ultimate success in this challenging but very attainable endeavor you need a plan designed to get you there. Triathlon can be an incredibly complex and confusing sport to wrap your mind around. Blending swim, bike, and run sessions together can seem daunting and almost impossible. Our plans are designed to simplify the process, prescribe effective training sessions, and transform your fitness. If this sounds like what you are looking for continue reading on!
Designed for:
The first time Ironman to the experienced veteran. This proven plan has yielded outstanding results for all ages and levels. This plan is tailored for the athlete who wants to push themselves to a great IM finish while also not giving up too much personal or family time. If you are ready for to tackle your next challenge then lets get started today!
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Plan begins:
This plan begins 20 weeks out from your race. In order to complete week 1 you only need to be able to complete the following:
Swim: 200 yards without stopping
Bike: complete an easy 1:30 spin
Run: easy for 1:00
Plan includes:
Email access to answer any questions you may have about the plan and an initial 30:00 phone call or Skype session to go over plan set up and in depth outline review as well as overcoming obstacles on your journey. **Call/Skype session is initiated by the athlete
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Please email me at with any questions regarding the plan outline, setting appropriate zones, terminology, methodology and/or personal coaching inquiries. You can also reach me on my cell at 615-878-7159.

Sample Day -2
1 min Fartleck

warm up with a 5 min walk, then 15 easy jog, then go 1min on and then 1min off for 20min total, cool down 5

Sample Day -1
Big Gear session

15 min w/u easy gear then with trainer on full tension on the biggest gear you can handle I want 30 x 1:00 at cadence 50-55, then 1:00 easy easy. Low HR, just think STRENGTH. 15min c/d

Sample Day -1
25 x 25s

200 warm up with Pull buoy. Then right into 25x 25s all out sprint on :30 sec rest. No drills. No thinking. Just get faster. Get faster. Get faster. 200 easy easy. 10 x 50's with 15 fast and 35 easy. Same thoughts as before.

Sample Day 0
Swim 1

200 swim easy warm up, 10x 50's on 15 sec rest as ( 15 fast, 35 easy ), 5 x 100's on 15sec @ 75-80%, 200 easy, 12 x 50's FAST on :20 sec

Sample Day 1
Easy Run 30

Shake out run. Easy pace, enjoy the time on your feet.

Sample Day 1
RPM session

15 min easy gear warm up. Then I want 10 x 1:00 at 95rpm with 1:00 easy spin, 5 min easy spin, 10 x 1:00 at 100rpm with 1:00 easy spin, 10min easy spin, 5x :30 at 105-110rpm with 1:00 rest. Finish off till you hit 1:30

Sample Day 3

Just ride. Nothing hard. Keep everything Zone 1 or low Zone 2. Just enjoy it.

Robbie Bruce
C26 Triathlon LLC

My underlying focus with all athletes is blending a positive life change with performance that extends beyond the finish line. I do not offer "traditional training plans", but a coach/athlete relationship focused on communication and a commitment to the process of getting better every day.

If this sounds like a something you are looking for please feel free to email me to discuss building a strong coach/athlete relationship or on how to approach one of my online training plans.