Iron Distance 70.3 Madison - 15 Week Training Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 00:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 00:00
Training Load By Week

This 15-week training plan for Ironman Wisconsin 70.3 is based on the healthy training concepts that Ben Greenfield teaches in his book "Beyond Training" at

It relies on "underground" training tactics, high intensity interval training and a natural physically active lifestyle to allow for optimum endurance building and Ironman triathlon preparation without doing lasting damage to the body.

The plan includes detailed daily workouts, meals and all instructions you need to ensure there is zero guesswork.

This plan is perfect if you are a beginner to advanced triathlete who is limited on time (have about 8-12 hours per week to train), want to get the most bang for your buck out of training, and also want to ensure you stay completely healthy in the process of pursuing your endurance goals in preparation for Ironman Wisconsin 70.3!

Sample Day 69
Full Body Range of Motion & Recovery, Intermediate to Advanced Levels

Do this entire routine as a circuit, moving from station to station with minimum rest. The order of the movements is not crucial; you may change order, if necessary. This workout is best performed with 5–10 minutes of light cardio beforehand.
Static Stretches: For static stretches, hold each position for 6–20 seconds, as time permits.
Foam Rolling: For foam rolling, one foam roller motion up and back down a body region is the equivalent of a single rep.

Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield

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