23 weeks to Ironman Beginner

Average Weekly Training Hours 15:19
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 15:19
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1

warm up:
400 easy swim snorkel.
4x100 with build each 25 in speed on 20 seconds rest.

main set:
16x50 band /pb:
4 on 20 seconds rest aerobic.
then 4 with 25 FAST/ 25 easy on 15 seconds rest.
4 FAST on 1:30.
4 with 25 FAST/ 25 easy on 15 seconds rest.

800 swim build every 200. last 200 hard.

400 build every 100. last 100 hard!

warm down 100 and done.

Sample Day 2
RUN cadence work/turn overs

10 mins easy.
10x20 seconds building in speed every 5 seconds. followed by 40 seconds easy jog.
10 mins easy
5x20 seconds done as before.
5 mins wd and done.

Sample Day 3
aerobic brick/ 1 hour ride/ 30 mins run

1 hour ride
30 mins runaerobic pace, the key is jumping right off the bike and starting run immediately.

Sample Day 4
SWIM 12x50 set and build combo

400 swim build every 100.
12x50 every 3rd one FAST on :10 seconds rest 400 swim build every 100.
8x50 every 2nd FAST paddles only on 15 seconds rest.
400 build every 100.
4x50 all FAST on 20 seconds rest
400 easy swim and done.

Sample Day 4
Run rolling hills

practice proper up and downhill run form.
feel good. start easy and build slightly in effort throughout the run.
* focus on chest forward good posture anchor through the core & forward lean

Sample Day 5
1:15 spin OPTIONAL

easy spin. we will play around with some cadence work. I am a big believer in being efficient through a large range of cadences. also good for pedal stroke efficiency. so, within this easy spin.
we will do 4x3 mins of 20 seconds 100 plus rpms/ 40 seconds comfortable cadence and repeat for 3 minutes. spin normal cadence for 3 mins and repeat. focus on even power all around the pedal stroke.

Sample Day 6
Long bike 2:00

We will increase the length of your long ride day by about 5-10% weekly. Time in the saddle, building endurance, and also building strength are all the keys to this session.
as we progress through the plan, we will start adding strength intervals, or solid time trial efforts to better prepare you for your key race.