Advanced. 12 Weeks Ironman.

Average Weekly Training Hours 20:28
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 20:28
Training Load By Week

This is a 12 weeks Ironman plan. It is covering the last 12 weeks of training before an A-race of full Ironman distance. Athletes that have a solid endurance base will benefit most from this plan.
The plan is built so that it is run heavy. It is a proven plan and clients have qualified to Kona in Arizona and in Frankfurt using this plan.

Sample Day 1
CSS test

Total distance: 2600m

Warm up
300 easy freestyle
200 fins ­↑ broken arrow ↓ freestyle
200 pull buoy and paddles B3/5/7/3...
100 pull buoy as: 2 x (12 ½ scull #1 + 12 ½ doggy paddle + 25 freestyle)

4 x 50 (25 fast + 25 easy)

4 x 100 (+ 20s) at your predicted 400 pace (Do this set at what you perceive to be the AVERAGE pace that you can sustain for the 400 Time Trial.)

Main set
Get a friend or coach to help you record the time for your first 100 and your stroke rate on the third 100 of the 400 Time Trial.
If you are by yourself then just time the total 400 and then again for the 200. 

Take a good 5-8 minute rest doing light swimming and stretching

1) Swim and time 400m/yd at your best effort

Then take a good 5-8 minute rest doing light swimming and stretching

2) Time your best 200m/yd swim

Aim to do the time trial like so:
1st 50 (of 200) / 1st 100 (of 400) - set off well in control at what feels like 75 - 80% effort.
2nd 50 / 100 - settle into your rhythm and be confident of a strong finish.
3rd 50 / 100 - aim to pick up your pace and bring the second half home strong.
4th 50 / 100 - finish it off and give it your all!

Sample Day 1
Threshold Maintenance intervals, 5x3

"Run 0:50
15 minute warmup, then 5X3 minutes at zone4, 1.5 minute recoveries. 10 minute cool down."

Sample Day 1

Full body workout. 3-5 sets of high reps (12-18). Focus on bigger muscle groups, glutes, quads, hams, calfs. Abs, lower and upper back, triceps, deltoids, lats.

Sample Day 2
FTP Test / FTHR Test

Do a FTP test if you have access to Power sensors. Follow the protocol for a 20 minute FTP test.

Warm-up for 20 minutes.
Take a short break with some dynamic stretching (2-3 minutes).
Ride at a pace that is a full-out effort for 20 minutes. Try to ride at an even, but high pace.
Cool down for 20 minutes.

Record the avg HR, avg cadence and avg speed for the 20 minute test.

Sample Day 2
Pace work. 100s

Swim 0:45 E10c
100 swim easy. 
50 kick easy. 
100 swim moderate. 
50 kick moderate. 
100 swim building speed throughout. 
50 kick building speed throughout. 
400 constant pace, moderate effort. Rest 1 minute. 
4 x 100 (20”) Start easy. Make each 100 faster. Rest 1 minute after last one. 
300 constant, moderate pace. Rest 1 minute. 
3 x 100 (20”) Start easy. Make each 100 faster. 
200 constant, moderate pace. Rest 1 minute. 
2 x 100 (20”) Start easy. Make each 100 faster. CD: 
200-300 easy swim. 
Total: 2450-2550

Sample Day 2

Sample Day 3
swim, Build threshold, 1:15

SWIM: Build threshold, 1:15. 
WU: 800-1000 incl. drills and P-ups. 
10x150 (30”) at goal RP -:02-:03/100. 
200 easy. 
10 x 50 (20”) as 25 sprint, 25 easy. 
CD: 200-400 incl. free and non-free.

Tony Persson
Tony's Coaching

I offer online and local coaching.
I am a certified Ironman coach from the Ironman University.
I have coached multiple clients with a wide spread of abilities from finishing their first Ironman and/or IM70.3 to clients qualifying and finish at World Championship races.

Myself I have several Ironman and IM70.3 finishes, sub-10 Ironman races, Age-group wins at Olympic distance races, and duathlon races. I've raced at the IM70.3 World Champion and Long Duathlon World Championship.