30 weeks Ironman Plan: Cycle 1, weeks 1-4 (entry)

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 13:13

This plan follows the proven successful "Spiral system" of reverse periodisation by the world´s most successful coach Brett Sutton. Follow it and reach you goals! Whether you are an Ironman or an Olympic distance triathlete, there is not much difference in preparation. This plan builds strong athletes, the strongest they can be and stronger than they think they can be.
This is the first 4 weeks of Block 1. But we are not starting from scratch. Getting to this phase means that you have completed at least the "quick start" training: 4 or more weeks of training after the transition period, have settled in a training routine and loaded your muscles with specific and unspecific training. This is an important condition since there is some intensity from Day 1 of training - because it is reverse periodization. Meaning that intensity and power endurance are in focus in the first 20 weeks of training, with volume increasing gradually to reach its peak several weeks before your priority A race. So it is a progressive intensity fire! The training load progression is very gentle to avoid injury at any cost - but your form progression will be fast!

Sample Day 1
Max Power Turbo Bike

Warm-up: 10min in Z2 with 80-90 RPM.
Main set: 30min with 1min max power with 30-40RPM - like pushing weights on the bike! Full power downstroke, passive upstroke - in aero position. 1min rest, 0 RPM, just sit on the bike and breath. Repeat 15x (1min full on - 1min off).
Cool-down: 10min in Z2 with 80-90 RPM.

Sample Day 1
10x25m sprints and 10x50 PB&PD&Band

WU: 200m free, 100 back
Technique: 6x(25m drill - 25m easy), P 20sec, 4x25m kick with board, P 10sec
Main-set: 10x(25m fast - 25m easy), P 20sec, 10x50m with PB, PD and band, P 20sec
Cool-down: 200m mixed styles. Total: 2100

Sample Day 2
Track run: 2x (4x400m EMMM)

Warm-up: 10-15min jog in Z2, then 5 laps of "straights and bends" - fast on the straights, easy on the best (no sprinting!)
Main set: 2x of 4x400m, where 1st 400 is super easy, 2nd is moderate, 3rd is medium or Z3 and 4th is Mad, or your best effort in Z4. Pause 2min of resting/walking.
Cool-down: 10min jogging plus 5min barefoot if possible.

Sample Day 2
Active recovery swim

15x100 in 5x3x100 where 1st 100 is easy pace, 2nd is moderate and 3rd is medium. Nothing fast, nothing furious. Feel free to use PB.

Sample Day 3
Hill Repeats 5x5min

Warm-up 20-30min in Z2-3, with high cadence. Main set: 5x5min Z4, cadence 55-60, power from hips and quads, pushing down the pedals actively, pulling up a bit less, stable/frozen upper body, sitting firm in the saddle (no movement back and forth!) - like a machine! Pause 5min easy spinning with high cadence.
Cool-down 20min easy spinning.

Sample Day 4
Negative split 60min

30min in Z2 (moderate), 30min in Z3 (medium). Your HR in the 2nd half should be 10-15 beats higher and be close to your best aerobic pace at the current stage of training.

Sample Day 4
Power swim with PB&PD (2x10x50m)

WU: 300m free, 100 back
Main set: 10x50m with pullbuoy (PB) and paddles (PD), P 10 sec., 10x50 with PB only.
Cool-down: 200m mixed styles. Total: 1600

Tatjana Ivanova, TriSutto (Brett Sutton), IronmanU and DTU certified
Coach Tatjana

With 10+ years of coaching and 20+ years of racing experience, Tatjana is a certified IronmanU, TriSutto (Brett Sutton), Elite DTU (Germany) and TP level 2 coach. All her athletes, from rookies to World Championship qualifiers, always over-achieved their objectives and never DNF-ed!
Профессиональный тренер по триатлону, стаж более 10 лет, сертифицирована IRONMAN, немецкой федерацией триатлонa (DTU), академией Брета Саттона (TriSutto). Тренирую новичков, серьезных любителей и полу-профессионалов.