Coached - 2019 IRONMAN 24-Week Beginner to Intermediate Training Program

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:51
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:51
Training Load By Week

*This plan includes an assessment of your starting point and goals followed by a 60 minute phone call. This plan will then be fully customized to fit your goals and needs. Weekly changes can be made as requested.

PURPOSE: This is a beginner to intermediate level 24 week (plus 4 week recovery) Ironman Distance training plan intended for use by the age group triathlete. Training time ranges from 8-1/4 hours up to 15 hours of weekly training. The goal is to gradually build fitness while building Ironman confidence. Every workout has a purpose labeled by the training zone (i.e Bike Z3). These can be accomplished by using RPE, Heart rate, and/or power meter for bike and run. Training zones are established via metabolic testing, calculations based on age, and/or Benchmark testing.

With the busy age group athlete in mind, weekday workouts have light volume of 1 to 2.5 hours, which can be split between morning, afternoon, or evenings. Weekends include the long ride and run. I am happy to make modifications to workout days as requested.

By the end of the 24 week training cycle, you will have a high level of fitness required to successfully complete an Ironman distance event (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run).
I want to wish you luck with your training and racing this season and thank you for using this training plan.

Following the event there is a discount code for a 4 week IRONMAN recovery plan.

Sample Day 3
Swim Z3*

W/U (500)
50 EZ Free
50 Breast
2x100 Free :15RI
4x50 (25 build, 25 EZ) :10RI
Drills (500)
Body roll drills
2x25 Kicking Hands by sides
2x25 Kicking on one side
2x25 Single Arm Swimming RT
2x25 Single Arm Swimming LT
2x25 Superman (6 kick switch)
Main (1450)
6x50 Build to Z3 pace:10RI
300 Pull w/buoy no paddles at Z3 pace
6x50 2 @Z2, 2 @Z3, 2 @Z4 :10RI
300 Pull w/buoy no paddles at Z3 pace

3x50 B7, 5, 3
4x25 B5, 3, 2

C/D (100)
50 Breast
50 EZ pull

Sample Day 4
Run Z2-Brick

Run following the bike. Practice smooth and fast transition
C/D (5:00)
5:00 walk
Static stretches. 30" each.
Seated hamstring stretch
Lower back and hi extension
IT band
Standing quad
Standing calf

Sample Day 7
Swim Z2

W/U (200)
50 EZ Free
50 Breast
100 Free - Build to Z2 pace :15RI
Main set (1250)
Pyramid as:
50-150-250-350-250-150-50 all in Z2 :20RI
50 Breast

Sample Day 11
Bike Z3*

W/U (20:00)
5' EZ
5' as 30" 100 RPM/30" 90 RPM
5' Isolated leg training as 30"R/30"L
5' Z2/3
Main set (36:00)
2x15' Z3 above 95 rpm w/3' Z2 recovery between sets.
5' EZ

Transition into running shoes

Sample Day 13
Bike Z2-E

W/U (10:00)
5' EZ
5' as 30" 100 RPM/30" 90 RPM
Ride a course with flat to rolling hills
Ride in Z2 for 1:15
C/D (5:00)
5' EZ
Post ride stretches:
15 sec each
Standing quad stretch
Toe touch
Lying knee hug
Lying glute stretch cross ankle over knee 5x each leg

Sample Day 17

W/U: 5 minutes of EZ Rowing
Strength workout:
Sets: 3
Reps: 20
Load: 40-60% 1RM
Speed of lift: Slow
Recovery between sets: 1:00
Main Set - Do as circuit
1) Hip Extensions - Leg press
2) Back - Standing bent arm Lat pull downs. Hands placed shoulder width apart
3) Hip Extensions - barbell step ups. 14" box
4) Chest - Dumbbell chest presses on flat bench
5) Shoulders - Seated dumbell shoulder press
6) Back - Seated row
7) Legs - Knee extensions
8) Abs - Planks 1:00
9) Abs - Planks as 30"R/30"L
10) Abs - 30 bicycles
C/D 5 minutes of EZ spinning
Post workout static stretches:
-Standing reach
-Tricep stretch
-Shoulder stretch
-Quad stretch
-Hamstring stretch

Sample Day 18
Bike Z3*

W/U (15:00)
5' EZ
5' as 30" 100 RPM/30" 90 RPM
5' Isolated leg training as 30"R/30"L
Drills (15:00)
6' Isolated leg training as 30"R/30"L/30"both
5' 30" spin-ups w/30" RI
Main set (30:00)
2x12' HR Z3 @95 rpm (Try to maintain a constant 95 rpm. Better to drop down into Z1 for a short time than to drop rpm)
2' recovery between sets.
Transition into running shoes

Mark Terry
EDH Fitness

IRONMAN and USAT Certified Coach, CrossFit L1 Trainer, NASM CPT, F.I.S.T Certified Bike fitter. All distance triathlon training from Sprint to IM including strength training, nutrition guidance, and race planning.

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