BodyZen 12 week First or Second Ironman Training Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 15:30
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 15:30
Training Load By Week

Perfect for the first time or second time IM athlete looking to have a good race with 12-20 hours per week of training.

Sample Day 1

200 swim.
100 kick.
6 x 100 done as 25 kick, 25 R arm, 25 L arm, 25 swim.
8 x 100 (20”) moderate, alternating 100 paddles and 100 fins.
300 kick moderate.
CD: 200 easy swim.
Total: 2200

Sample Day 2
Squad Ride


Sample Day 2
Bodyzen Easy Stride Run

Strides. Warm up. Then 4-5x20 seconds fast on soft, gentle downhill. Approximately 400m race pace. Not all out. Relax.

Sample Day 3
Squad Track

Can you ride to track?

Sample Day 4
Zone 1-2, check cadence

Heart rate in zones 1-2 on a gently rolling course. Check cadence: count left foot strikes 15 seconds. Goal is 22 or higher.

Sample Day 4
Form sprints

FORM sprints. Warm-up & then do 6-8 x 8-12 second sprints. Slight downhill or with tailwind. Emphasize FORM--not power. 3-5 minute recoveries after each form sprint.

Sample Day 6
Pre-race, B30' + R15', accels

Pre-race brick. Bike about 30 minutes + run about 15 minutes. On the race course, if possible. Include 3-4 short, race efforts on each. Note landmarks. Afterwards, tighten all bolts on your bike.

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