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Long distance triathlon 16 weeks


Leif Lundstrøm

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16 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman intermediate advanced power based pace based

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Plan Description

the zones are 1-6 and description in each disciplin. Use your FTP, FTHP, CSS as calculator. These numbers are in zone 4.

Zones: and glossary
1 Restitution

2 Aerob endurance.
Run: ER
Bike: EM/HC

3 Tempo
Run: TR
Bike: T/KA
Swim: PSS

4 Laktat
Run: AT
Bike: SS/AT/OU
Swim: LTS

5 Aerob Kap.
Bike: OU/CR
Swim: AE

6 Vo2
Run: VM
Bike: PI
Swim: VOS

RBI: Rest between intervals RBS: Rest between sets.
PROG: Progressivt

ER: Endurance Run RS: Running strides (short acceleration 8595%)
TR: Tempo Run SSR: Steady state run
VM: Vo2 max AT: Anaerob Threshold
LTH: Laktat Threshol HS: Hill strides 4-6 %
HS sprint: acceleration til maks. last 30-40 meter

EM: Endurance Mile SS: Steady state 85-95 rpm
T: Tempo CR: Vo2 Max
OU: OverUnder interval zone 4-5 PI: Power interval Neuromuskulær
HC: High Cadence 100-120 Rpm. AT: Anaerob Threshold
KA: KraftAusdauer Zone 3. 50-65 rpm.

WU: Warm up CD: Cool down
KSS: Kick set BIS: Base interval set
PSS: Pace set LTS: Lactate set
VOS: VO2 max SPS: Swim pull set. (Pull buoy, håndplader)
AE: Aerob Kapacitet WUP: Progressive
SBA: Snorkel, buoy og ankelstrop
SA: Snorkel og ankel strop
S: Snorkel PB: Pull Buoy


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:01 hrs 2:15 hrs
2:58 hrs 1:30 hrs
4:55 hrs 4:40 hrs
1:32 hrs 5:40 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:01 hrs 2:15 hrs
2:58 hrs 1:30 hrs
4:55 hrs 4:40 hrs
1:32 hrs 5:40 hrs

Training Load By Week

Leif Lundstrøm

”A goal is a dream with a plan”
Tribikeruncoach - Ambitious. With training package you get a higher frequency of training update. This ensures alignment with the current form development. The training is based on the same philosophy that applies to all our programs, namely that all training should be based on feedback from previous training.

Sample Day 1

Build Easy

40 min Zone ER

Sample Day 2

Swim AE and T pace calculation

WU 200
Drill 10 x 25 RBI 15
VOS 4 x 25 RBI 30
All out 10 x 100 RBI 10
CD 150

Sample Day 2

Anaerobic Capacity 2 x 5 FRC

15 min EM
2 x 5 min CR
10 min RBI
CD:35 min EM

Sample Day 3

Fast/Easy pyramide

WU: 10-15 min ER
MS: (23 min)
2 x
(15 sek. LTH/15 sek. easy)
(30 sek. LTH/30 sek. easy)
(45 sek. LTH/45 sek. easy)
(60 sek. LTH/60 sek. easy)
(90 sek. LTH/90 sek. easy) only 1 rep af this
(60 sek. LTH/60 sek. easy)
(45 sek. LTH/45 sek. easy)
(30 sek. LTH/30 sek. easy)
(15 sek. LTH/15 sek. easy)
CD 7 min

Sample Day 4

Ladder T Pace + Fast

WU: 6 x 50 (25 drill/25 prog SS)
600 at T-pace (50”).
6 x 25 fast (20”).
500 at T-pace (50”).
5 x 25 fast (20”).
400 at T-pace (40”).
4 x 25 fast (20”).
300 at T-pace (30”).
3 x 25 fast (20”).
200 at T-pace (20”).
2 x 25 fast (20”).
100 at T-pace.
CD: 400 easy KSS and own choice

Sample Day 4

FTP base 3 x 15 variabel rpm.

WU: 15 min zone 1
15 min EM/T
15 min T rpm. 55-65
15 min T rpm. 75-85
15 min T rpm. 90-100
30 min EM
10 min CD

Sample Day 6

EM Base + PI

WU: 15 min EM 90-100 rpm.
MS: 90 min EM/T inkl. 15 sek. PI
Ca. hvert 5 min PI og retur til EM/T
CD 15 min EM

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