SE - Half Ironman Plan + nutrition - Intermediate - 12 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:16
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:16
Training Load By Week

A 3-month half-ironman triathlon build plan, focused on developing power and endurance for intermediate-level athletes targeting a time between 5:15 and 6.

This plan has been developed based on Sport-Science and time-tested techniques for efficiency.
Total training hours: less than 10 hours / week on average, with strong emphasis on "quality & sport-specific adaptation vs. quantity".

- Nutrition is key. This program is "intense" and adequate nutrition is CRITICAL for proper recovery and performance.
- A Nutrition Plan SPECIFIC to this training plan is available. Please see for more details.
- Sleep & recovery are critical for this time-efficient plan to yield results.
- Do NOT exceed training recommended. This program features less hours but a much higher level of intensity, requiring adequate recovery.

Sport: Triathlon.
Distance: Half Ironman (1.9km swim, 90k bike, 21k run).
Duration: 3 months.
Focus: race-build.
Level: Intermediate - Half Ironman time: between 5:15 and 6:00.

Sample Day 1
Power: FTP Short

Purpose: develop bike threshold power. **WARMUP** - 10min easy riding **MAIN SET** (all at cadence of 90rpm or higher) 3x15min Zone 4 with 5min easy spin recovery Finish with 5min easy spin cooldown. Notes: preferably done indoors

Sample Day 2
Speed/Power: Strength by 300s

**WARMUP** - 300-500m easy swim **MAIN SET** - 6x75m on 20sec rest. - 3x (200m band/pulbuoy, 20sec rest, 100m HARD), 30sec rest between rounds. - 100m easy recovery. - 3x (200m band/pb, 20sec rest, 50m MAX, 10sec rest, 50m MAX), 30sec rest btw rounds. - 200m swim at 80%. - 100m easy cooldown.

Sample Day 3
ME - Run/squats

- 10 min jog
50min of continuous running with 20-30 ATG squats every 5min.
The whole exercise should be completed in Zone 2 and without pauses or breaks. Manage your run speed to keep yourself in Zone 2.

Sample Day 4
Recovery Yoga (focus on range of motion)

Sample Day 5
Endurance: 300s

NOTES: - Kick-sets with fins. - Free means: freestyle stroke. - Non-free means: other stroke. - Build means: build effort level every 25m. **MAIN SET**- 300m (100 swim/50 Kick) w/:30 rest - 300m (100 free/50 non-free) w/:30 rest - 300m pullbuoy (breathe every 3) w/:30 rest - 4x50m pullbuoy/paddles w/:30 rest - 300m (100 build/50 kick) w/:30 rest - 5x100 w/:30 rest (50 kick/50 easy swim) - 100 cool down *2000 total*

Sample Day 6
ME: Sustained Z3 Efforts

Purpose: make sure you develop enough muscle strength to sustain an elevated pace if it happens to be required.
- 10min easy riding
- 30min steady Z3 (I mean it!) at cadence above 85rpm
- 10min LOW Z2 at high cadence

Sample Day 7
Work Capacity (1)

This one will be tough as it's a hard session. So be mentally prepared for it.
- 10min jog
- 2x10 pushups
- 2x15 jumping jacks
- 2x10 sit-ups

(descriptions for movements at bottom)
THREE OR FOUR ROUNDS - 2min break between rounds. No rest between exercises.

- 30 Squats
- 25 Burpees
- 20 butterfly sit-ups
- 15 pushups
- 10 side box step-up
- 5 pullups (Shoulder width grip)
- 1km run in Zone 4.

- Squat: no weight. Make sure your lower back stays arched (not rounded), and PUSH WITH YOUR HEAL ALWAYS
- Burpees don't count unless your hands lift off the ground at the bottom of each
- Butterfly sit-up: the bottoms of your feet are against each other (bottom of shoe against bottom of other shoe) and as close to your groin as possible. You should NOT ask someone to hold your feet down. Try to keep your feet on the ground the whole time (don't swing!)
- Push-ups: hands shoulder-width. Start with a proper push-up and finish with knees on ground if necessary. FULL RANGE OF MOTIONS: all the way down and up, WITHOUT locking your elbows at the top
- Side-box step-up: Stand with a box higher than knee height on your right-hand side (i.e. box is next to the outside of your knee). Put your foot on the box, and PUSH WITH YOUR HEAL to stand on the box. Finish the set for one leg then switch.