12 week comp phase Tri 70.3 distance (Hever Castle Tri)

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:29
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:29
Training Load By Week

This is a 12 week competition phase plan that was designed to prepare Athletes for Hever castle Triathlon. However, it could be used for 70.3 distance Triathlons with hilly bike courses.

With experience of coaching athletes to the top step of the podium at this event, Racesnake are uniquely placed to develop a training plan for this Triathlon and its vicious hilly bike course.
The plan is designed for intermediate athletes who have completed a solid preparation or base building phase. The maximum hours rise to 11.30 hrs and a reduced volume week is scheduled for every 4th week. No special equipment is required to follow the plan but access to an indoor training bike and running track I preferable.
The plan is based around the latest research, using high % Vo2 max and race pace sessions to develop speed endurance and muscular power.
It is ideal for anyone hoping to race a sub 6hr time.

If you require advice or coaching through this plan contact: coach@racesnake.co.uk

Sample Day 2
vV02 session 60/60 new

vV02 session best completed on a running track. However a road loop (housing estate etc) that allows fast running will be fine. Much of the time at V02 max occurs during the recovery so make sure you keep to a consistent pace in the recovery throughout the effort.
Initially running at you 1 mile P.B pace will feel comfortable, but by about half way it will really hurt, so keep pushing.

Sample Day 2
Race prep swim

This session is a simple endurance set to prepare for swimming non stop over the race distance.

Sample Day 4
v02max over under

This is very tough set. This type of work at just above and below threshold is great way to develop aerobic power and capacity whilst also simulating the type of fluctuating efforts of a race.
HR may not be very sensitive to changes in effort throughout the 9min work periods, so focus on RPE. Do not make the 2min 7/10 efforts too easy they are not meant as recovery. You should still be very close to V02 max during these efforts.

Sample Day 4
swim 15X100M

w/up- 400M  5/10swim
15x100m @ GP-5s/100m or 8/10rpe. 45s RI

Easy swim the remainder of set

Sample Day 5
Strength low cadnence 2

This session helps develop strength and pedal efficiency. However, keep the HR low so that there is not significant fatigue in following days.

Sample Day 6
run 1:30 z1/2

90minutes @ z1-2 over a rolling off road course.

Sample Day 7

Select a hilly route or circuit to best represent race day. Complete on race bike and with race day nutrition. This will help build confidence at race pace whilst developing cycle economy.

Mike Bridge

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