Ironman 70.3 Final Build & Peak (9 weeks)

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:03
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:03
Training Load By Week

Final 9 week training plan for intermediate 70.3 athletes, consisting of 4 week build 2 period, 1 week recovery, 3 week peak period and 1 week race prep.
All swims listed as Lido should be completed in 50m pool or open water if possible, using wetsuit as much as possible to replicate race conditions.
Friday is an option session or rest day.
midweek turbo sessions can be replaced with commutes, but should still include intervals as close as possible to % ftp shown
sessions prefixed with 'RW' indicate that this is recovery week and as such intensity should be slightly lower or duration is reduced for workouts.
long rides should be done on TT or race bike as much as possible in this period.
rides and runs listed as course recce should be completed on actual race course if possible, if not try to replicate the course terrain as much as possible.

Sample Day 1
Lido swim

5x500m focus on form and even pacing

Sample Day 1
Ftp boost turbo

5:00 z2 w/up 3 X 15:00 @ 90% FTP 5:00 z2 ri 5:00 z2 c/d

Sample Day 2
Speed skills - intervals

Sample Day 4
Tempo run

Sample Day 5
optional cross-train

Sample Day 6
transition run

20 tempo
20 race pace
20 10km pace

Sample Day 6
Long ride