Finish Strong - 70.3 Half Ironman 3 months

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:02
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:02
Training Load By Week

This 12-week triathlon training plan is for the individual who has already run 5 miles and cycled 15 miles. The participant should have been exercising regularly for at least 3 months. The focus of the plan is to provide a sensible and systematic approach to cycling, running and swimming regularly to achieve the initial goal of finishing a Half Ironman and/or setting the stage for more extensive multi-sport training (i.e., longer or faster races) in the future.

Sample Day 1
Drills bike: Pedaling skills

wu: Active motion prep warm-up

ms: Ride in the HR 1-2 zones on a mostly flat course. Include pedaling drills such as: a) try to drive pedal straight forward from 9 to 3 o'clock, b) pedal with foot against the top inside of your shoe trying to avoid touching the insole, c) try to touch toes to end of your shoes at top of downstroke. Stay as relaxed as you can while doing these drills. No tension in feet, legs, hands, etc.

cd: 5 minutes in zone 1

Sample Day 1
AA Strength 1

Anatomical Adaptation: After you are warmed up do 1 set of a basic whole body strength workout. The focus should be on proper form but resistance should be very light. Do 10-12 reps at approximately your 20-25 rep max.
See sample workouts at

Sample Day 2
End run: HR zones 1-3. Rolling course.

Keep heart rate in zones 1-3 on a rolling course. 'PROUD' form. Allow heart rate to gradually rise to zone 3 as pace builds, but don't force it up.

Sample Day 2
Drills Swim: Single arm (R,L)

Spend 1st 15 minutes with drill: Single arm freestyle swimming can be done in one of two ways.
Preferred: With the opposite (nonworking arm) at your side. Breathe to the side of the nonworking arm. The secret to success with this drill is to complete your breath before stroking. Concentrate on the catch, initiating body rotation with the core body muscles. Take this drill slowly: technique is more important than speed.
Old-School: With the opposite (nonworking arm) extended in front. Breathe to the side of the working arm. Focus on high elbow recovery, hand entry, and hand acceleration.

Finish remainder of 15-30 minutes with continuous swim working on form.

Sample Day 2
Stretching w/foam roller

Foam Roller and Downward-dog exercise + if you have time Stretch the basic five: Hamstrings, quads/hip flexors (faber), calves, lats and chest. Go to for sample exercises:

Sample Day 3
Trainer, ILT, z2

Isolated Leg Training (ILT) on trainer. After warm-up, alternate 20 to 60 seconds with 1 leg only--the other on a chair. Get in 7-10 minutes with each leg total in the workout. Power zone 2 on ILT. Then ride for remainder of time in zone 2

Sample Day 3
Stretching 1 (basic workout)

Stretch at least the basic five areas: Hamstrings, quads/hip flexors, calves, lats and chest. See link for samples at:

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