IRONMAN 70.3 20 + 1 Weeks Complete - Intermediate


Coach Tom, Ironman University Certified Coach

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21 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 3 Swim, 2 Bike, 3 Run, 1 Strength, 1 Brick, 1 Other

Longest Workout

0:40 hrs swim
3:45 hrs bike
1:10 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman beginner intermediate hr based

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This 20 + 1 Week Training Plan is for Triathletes ready to work hard to achieve a great Ironman 70.3 performance. It includes 20 training weeks plus 1 recovery week for transition to your next goal. Ideal for those who can handle around 9-10 workouts a week.

Choose this plan if you have experience in the Sprint and Olympic distance, a good level of fitness, and a strong base of swim, bike and/or run and really want to reach the next level in Triathlon.

Training Plan Phases:
Preparation Phase (General) – Week 1-9
Preparation Phase (Specific) – Week 10-12
Competition Phase (Pre) – Week 13-15
Competition Phase (Competition) – Week 16 - 18
Competition Phase (Taper) – Week 19-20
Transition Phase - Week 21


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:45
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:45
Average Weekly Breakdown

Tomas Chavez

TriOn3 Team

On-line Fitness, Running and Triathlon Team.

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Sample Day 1


Total Distance: 1,700mts

Warm-up [300mts]
150 mts freestyle - easy
150 mts w/fins - easy

Drill Sets [200mts]
8x25mts (RI 0:10) - Bilateral breathe

Key Session - Fartlek Intervals [500mts]
5x100mts (25 easy / 25 hard /25 easy /25 hard)  RI 0:15  - Threshold

Speed Intervals [200mts]
4x50mts  (RI 0:20) - threshold

Kick Set [200mts]
8x25mts (RI 0:15) w/board - aerobic

Cool-Down [300mts]
300mts freestyle - recover

Sample Day 1

Build base

Total Time: 60min

Warm-Up [10min]
10min @Z1-Z2 - warm-up / low aerobic

Key Session [45min]
45min @Z2 (cadence 85-95rpm) - high aerobic

Cool Down [5min] 
5min  @Z2 - low aerobic

Sample Day 2

Build base + Sprints

Total Time: 35min

Warm-Up [5min]
5min @Z1-Z2 - warm-up / low aerobic

Key Session [25min]
25min @Z3 - aerobic

Cool-Down [5min]
5min @Z2 - low aerobic

At the end Sprints:
4x0:20sec (IR 0:40)

Sample Day 3

Long Swim

Total Distance: 1,800mts

Warm-up [250mts]
250mts freestyle - easy

Base interval [1,300mts]
1x1,300mts  - aerobic

Cool-Down [250mts]
250mts freestyle - recover

Sample Day 3

Power Intervals

Total Time: 70min

Warm-Up [20min]
20min @Z1-Z2 - warm-up / low aerobic

Key Session - Power Intervals [17min aprox]
7x0:20 @Z4 Cadence 65-75rpm  (IR 2:00 @Z2) - sub threshold

Base [25min]
25min @Z2 Cadence 85-95rpm - high aerobic

Cool Down [8min] 
8min  @Z2 - low aerobic

Sample Day 4

Track Series 5x200s

Total Distance: 6km

Warm up [3km]
3km @Z1-2 - warm up / low aerobic

Key session - Repeats [1km]
5x200mts @high speed  RI 0:40s walking

Cool down - 2km
2km @Z1 - recovery

Sample Day 5

Long Ride

Total Time: 105min

Warm-Up [10min]
10min @Z1-Z2 - warmup / low aerobic

Key Session [90min]
90min @Z2 (cadence 85-95rpm) - high aerobic

Cool Down [5min] 
5min  @Z2 - low aerobic

IRONMAN 70.3 20 + 1 Weeks Complete - Intermediate

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