Base Training for Olympic to 70.3 Intermediate (10hr/week) Bike focus

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:19
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:19
Training Load By Week

This is part of Grasky Endurance's Modular Training Plan series. Choose your pick of plans and make your own season training plan!

This is a base training plan for those training for anything from olympic Distance races up to 70.3 races. It starts out at 5 horus a week as you come off your post-season break, and increases up to 10 hours per week. This plan involves building endurance and muscular endurance through aerobic base training, that you can build upon later to gain speed and power. It's a bike-focus plan, for those with a running and swimming background but a weakness in cycling. You'll build quick fitness with cycling on this plan.

This plan incorporates heart rate zones as well as perceived exertion to define training intensities.

This plan is for you if you can comfortably ride for 45 minutes, run for 35 minutes, and swim 1200yds. Ideally, you're in your 2nd (or more) season of triathlon and have races sprint and Olympic distances race(s).

Sample Day 2

Steady ride. Include 3x2 minutes at as high a cadence as you can while not bouncing on the saddle.

Sample Day 3

10 minutes zone 1 then steady zone 2.

Sample Day 3

WU: 6 x 50 increasing pace slightly each 25.
MS: All are at T-pace:
100 (10”), 200 (15”), 300 (15”), 200 (15”), 100.
CD: 100 easy with emphasis on form.

Sample Day 4

Zone 1-2. Ride in the upper end of zone 2 steady 20 minutes, rest of ride in either zone 1 or 2.

Sample Day 6

Endurance ride. Zones 1-2, conversational pace.

Sample Day 7

Endurance run. Zone 1-2, conversational pace.

Sample Day 7

Easy effort. Include a few spinups and single leg drills.
Spinups: Slowly over a minute, increase cadence to as fast as yoiu can go without bouncing on the saddle. Hold that cadence for 1 minute at first, eventually working up to 4-5 minutes, then slowly spins back down to normal. Recover at normal (85-90 RPM) for 2-4 minutes before repeating.
Single leg drills: Unclip one leg and cycle with only one leg. Think forward-aft rather than up-down. Work on smooth pedalling as long as you can effectively. At first, hold for 20 seconds, working up to 2 minutes or more per leg. Spin with both feet for 1 minute prior to switching legs.

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