70.3 Or Olympic pre prep phase plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:28
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:28
Training Load By Week

Plan Overview
This is an off season plan for athlete who are looking to improve times in 70.3 races. It is a pre-preparation phase plan that develops muscular strength and then focuses on nuero-muscular facilitation and V02 max training. This type of strength resistance training has been proven to improve race times and if completed in the off season should impact in the athletes ability to develop their aerobic capacity during the next phase of training. It should lead to improvements in running and cycling economy and muscular power.

Sample Day 1
Descending inetrvals V02max

This session is high intensity set that is designed to improve Aerobic capacity and power. The recovery can be static but would be better as gentle pedalling.
It is ideal as an indoor trainer session.

Sample Day 2
CSS test

The CSS test involves two timetrial swims - a 400m and a 200m.

Do the 400m timetrial first, it's less likely to effect the 200m than the other way around. Recover completely between each timetrial with some easy swimming. Perform both timetrials from a push off from the wall, not a dive.
Try and pace the trials as evenly as possible, don't start too fast and slow down.
This test will give us the pace at which we will conduct the hard training sets in this phase.

Read more: http://www.swimsmooth.com/training.html#ixzz4Ye46zGGW

Sample Day 2
Hilly run

run 30mins @ z2 over a hilly course

Sample Day 4
power hill sprints

These hard hill sprints develop muscular power in a run specific way and will compliment your heavy lifting on this block.

Sample Day 5
Prep threshold set z2

A simple swim set completed at around threshold pace. The aim here is to build swim specific endurance.

Sample Day 6
low cadnence z2

A set to help improve pedal efficiency whilst building strength. However ,the effort levels should not lead to large amounts residual fatigue.

Sample Day 6
post bike run

This is an easy run post bike The effort is to help the legs make nuero-muscular adaptations to post bike running.

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