Flat Course 70.3 Ironman Training Plan with Functional Strength

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:24
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:24
Training Load By Week

Heather Casey, USAT Level IIE licensed coach designed this 16 week training plan for a 70.3 distance triathlon. You can use this plan to tear up those flat courses. The plan can be used for beginner (first time half distance athletes) to intermediate level. Injury prevention is the number one goal for all of Coach Casey's plans and private coaching clients. Benefit from her background as a certified strength and conditioning coach with many different core workouts infused in this training plan. Each week will feature at least one new core workout. You will have several opportunities to test your increasing fitness with a 5K run race, 10K run race, Olympic distance practice triathlon and a few open water swims with indoor alternatives.


Sample Day 1
40 min ez run with 2 min surges

40 min easy run. In the last 20 min insert 4 x 2 min surges where you surge your pace to one that is 30 sec per mile faster than your easy pace. Take a min easy recovery between each effort. Remainder of run is easy. Remember quick leg turnover throughout.

Sample Day 2
1300 w/15 x 50's hard going out w/ active recovery to finish 50

Easy swim 200 ez swim w/ pull buoy 200 swim moderate 15 x 50's on 10 sec rest. Accelerate the first 10 hand hits and then just cruise the rest of the 50. 150 easy cool down

Sample Day 2
'The Crowie' Core Routine (need stability ball)

Need a stability ball (med size) All exercises are demonstrated in this 2 min video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=colL_Kope7w 2 X 12 reps (single leg moves do 12 per leg) Stability ball push up > pike > pull in (do each of 3 moves in sequence. 3 moves X 4 = 12) Single leg lift keeping hips stable (start position on back with feet on ball) Hands to feet pass with ball Knee drive to chest from forearms on ball Straight leg hip lift with heels on ball Hamstring pull in Forearm plank spiderman (drive knee to elbow and alternate) * on mat, not ball Explosive push up Box Jump (use 12 or 18 inch box. Jump from deep squat/ land cushioned and soft - quiet land)

Sample Day 3
1 Hour In The Blender HR based

10 min spin thinking about cadence, smooth pedal stroke and power around the full stroke Spin Up as follows: 2 min @ effort 6/10 followed by 30 sec @ 9/10 2 min spin @ effort 3/10 recovery repeat Main Set X 3: 5 min @ effort 7/10 1 min @ effort 8/10 30 sec@ effort 9/10 30 sec @ effort 10/10 Full Gas!! Rest Interval: 2 min @ zone 2 effort 3/10 repeat twice Cool Down 10 min EZ spin focus on cadence

Sample Day 5
1600 w/30 x 25's

Easy swim 10 x 50 easy. Focus on posture, line and balance. 250 swim moderate 30 x 25's hard on 10 sec rest. 100 easy

Sample Day 5
30-60 min yoga class or dvd

30 minutes to 1 hr yoga practice from class, dvd or self instructed

Sample Day 6
1.5 hr Zone 2-3 Freestyle Ride Total TSS 75

Take it easy if that's what your legs need or throw in some short surges and standing climbs if you feel like the challenge is right.

Heather Casey, CSCS - RSCC*D, USAT Level 2 - Elite Youth & Jr.
Peak State Fit

Athletes who work with a coach are more likely to see progress and goal achievement than athletes who train on their own. During your free consultation, we’ll identify what’s holding you back and goals you’d like to achieve. Then we go to work putting a plan in place to get you to your dreams. Heather’s philosophy of progressing an athlete at their individual pace effectively creates a plan based on metrics but grounded by lifestyle. Each athlete has a path and no two are alike!