70.3 15 Week Power Based Advanced

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:59
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:59
Training Load By Week

A Power Based 15 week 70.3 program. This program has plenty of detail to enable you to RACE your next 70.3 triathlon. The bike element is based around Intensity Factors and uses the assumption that you are using a power meter.

Sample Day 1
Functional Threshold Power

You may have completed a test similar to this in the past, this will get us started and give you a rough idea of where your fitness is at present.
This FTP field test will provide you with the data required to set your training power zones. The test should be completed when fresh and committed to a hard session. During each test it is important not to go out too hard, remember to build into the session and finish strong.
Session card attached.

Sample Day 2
40min Technique run including pick ups.

40min run concentrating on form and technique, this is as it says on the tin a 'TECHNIQUE' run so no rules just keep it relaxed and think form. By running relaxed you can think about running upright, running on the balls of your feet, and breathing patterns. Learn from the run!! Finish the session with 4-6 pick ups.

Sample Day 3
CSS 400+200 Test

This will identify your Critical Swim Speed, you can then work improving your CSS pace.
Aim: To establish your CSS (Critical Swim Speed)
400m choice and drills
100m build from EZ to 75% effort
Main Set
1x400m 2min RI
CSS = Record time of each swim add times divide by 6 to give CSS
Now you know your CSS speed / 100m you can use it to set a pace for your quality swim sets. Remember, target CSS speed to develop your lactate threshold and become faster.
Warm Down

Sample Day 4
Sweet Spot Turbo Session 3 x 8min.

Aim: Sweet Spot Intervals A sweet spot interval session is completed using Power. Efforts – “Sweet Spot” occurs at 83 to 97 percent of your FTP and riding here can help improve the aerobic, steady state efforts that characterize FTP.

Sample Day 5
LTHR 30min Run Test.

Like the bike test this will allow me to set your training values into TrainingPeaks.
This session will predict (roughly) your Lactate threshold heart rate (LTHR). This will be a repeatable, test to guide us through your training values.

Sample Day 5
Straight Swim 1.5k

A continous 1500m straight swim aimed to improve muscle and aerobic endurance. No need to warm up just swim, the time is just for reference,

Sample Day 6
Controlled Run 8 Upper Zone 2 Lower Zone 3

The controlled run is a timed run. Fast enough to count, easy enough to allow you to concentrate on good form.
The HR can be established from yesterdays run test.
Upper Zone 2 Lower Zone 3 HR = approx

Brian Butler
Natural Ability Performance Coaching and Racing

I provide monthly training programs built around the athletes life style, and commitments. Through TrainingPeaks I have coached all age groups from beginners using perceived level of exertion through to advanced/elite athletes who prefer data analysis in the sport of triathlon and associated swim,bike,run sports, through all triathlon distances from Super Sprint to Ironman.

'I strongly believe that an holistic approach to coaching is the key to maximising the athletes progression'.