2017 Ironman Austin 70.3 Triathlon - 18 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:03
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:03
Training Load By Week

This 18 week plan will get you prepared for a strong race. Building slowly over the 18 weeks and dialing in segments of speed and power. All Trainer rides can be traded out for similar effort road rides if no trainer is available or if you just need to get outside. For the Austin 70.3 you must be prepared for hills and lots of them! Hills on the bike and hills on the run. So go find yourself some hilly training grounds. Be prepared for any kind of weather. November doesn't mean its going to be cold, it could be 90 degrees. You just never know what you are going to get, so about 2 weeks out start watching the weather patterns. Nothing really matters till 3 days before however. Feel free to email me at erin@bigpistachio.com if you have questions on these workouts. Enjoy and see you at the finish line! Erin Truslow

Sample Day 1
1 Mile Run Test

Warm up for 10 min. Then recover till HR drops to Zone 1 Run 1 mile (on track) as fast as you can. Cool down for 5 min. ONLY record your 1 mile time.

Sample Day 1
Trainer Ride - PC #1

W/U 5min 1 Legged Pedal Drill RPE 5-6 of 10 30/30, 60/60, 90/90, 60/60, 30/30 seconds each leg Recover 2 min Real in the break RPE 7-8 of 10 -- do below times 3 1 min @ 80-90 RPM 1 min @ 90 - 100 RPM 1 min @ 100+ RPM 1 min Recover @ 90 - 100 Recover 2 min Long sprints RPE 8-9 of 10 -- do below times 4 1 min RPE 9 1 min Recover 30 sec RPE 9 30 sec Recover Recover 2 min Short Sprints RPE 10 of 10 -- do below times 10 :15 sec out of the saddle sprint :45 sec recover C/D 5 min

Sample Day 2
5 Mile Bike Test - Trainer

WU: for 5 - 10 min at easy pace
Test: Find a heavy Race Pace effort gear and ride for 5 miles.
Cool Down for 5 min post.
ONLY record the time it took you to do the 5 miles!

Sample Day 2
Drill Swim - 1600

WU: 400 your choice of swim and drills. MS: 200 paddles and buoy moderate (30”). 200 buoy only moderate (30”). 200 swim moderate (30”). 200 fins moderate (30”). CD: 400 easy. Total: 1600

Sample Day 4
Run - 4 miles

Easy miles HR Zone 1-2

Sample Day 4
1/2 mile Swim Test - Pool

WU: for approx 300 yards or 5 min Swim consistent, no stopping for 875 yard, or 800 meters depending on pool. CD: for 100 yards. ONLY record the 1/2 mile swim time.

Sample Day 5
Run Base BB1/L1

WU 5 min walk/jog (easy) MS 2 min Mod Pace CD 5 min jog/walk (easy) Goal: Base Long Steady State run

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