***Intermediate 70.3 Plan (Peak week 12 hours)

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:40
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:40
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
Pull set

300 Pull with paddles
3x100 fast
200 Pull with paddles
2x100 fast
100 Pull with paddles
100 fast

* the 100's are no equipment

* this swim can be replaced with masters as well as all other swims.

Sample Day 2
Run by feel (brick - after bike)

By feel

Sample Day 2
Z1/Z2 Ride

Start the first 15:00 in Z1, progress through Z2 after that if you feel good.

Sample Day 4
4x4 Z3 (or group ride)

W/U as you see fit:

4x4:00 @ Z3 effort

Remainder @ Recovery Pace

* optional to go longer here IF you have the time, just keep it light.

* This can be replaced with a group ride. Remember the goal here is some tempo work. Try to spend some time in Zone 3.

Sample Day 4
tempo Run 8@Z2/Z3

W/U 10:00 @ recovery pace

8:00 tempo (start in Zone 2, progress through Z3 if you feel good)

Remainder @ ZR/Z1

Sample Day 5

Can be replaced with masters

W/U 500 choice

10x100's with 20 sec rest

C/D 500 choice

Sample Day 6
Brick (by feel)

Paul Duncan

USAT Certified
Qt2 Sytems Level 1
ORR Level III (Expert)

Multi-sport coach.