MSquared Coaching- 24 Wk 1/2 Ironman (70.3)

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:19
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:19
Training Load By Week

This half Ironman plan covers many weeks of challenging, but attainable training for someone who has some endurance experience, and ideally some Olympic distance races within the past season.
A half iron distance race is defined as:

1.2mile Swim | 56mile Bike | 13.1mile Run
1,930meter Swim | 90km Bike | 21k Run
Start this program if you can consistently swim 40min, run 60min and bike 90min.

Sample Day -17
Muscular Endurance 1f (Long tempo)

Warm up well on a flat course or trainer. Ride 40-60 minutes nonstop in heart rate zones 1-2. Focus on smooth pedaling at 90-100 rpm. Stay in aero position.

Sample Day -15
Force 1a (Seated short climbs)

Ride in heart rate zones 1-4 or up to power zone cp30, on a trainer. Shift up and down through the gears to simulate hills. Spend 2-5 minutes in each gear. Stay Seated to build strength.

Sample Day -13
Endurance 4aL (Race Course Practice)

Ride on a course that mimics your A race. Ride at a steady pace, finishing at the same speed as you started. Start with a low level or perceived excertion and increase gradually throughout the ride to maintain a constant speed. Eat anddrink steadily during ths ride using exactly the same fueling regime that you plan to use on race day.

Sample Day -10
Muscular Endurance 1b (Tempo)

Warm up well on a flat course or trainer. Ride 20-40 minutes non-stop in heart rate zone 3 or cp90; otherwise ride in the heart rate zones 1-2. Focus on smooth pedalling at 90-100rpm. Stay in the aero position.

Sample Day -8
Endurance 1e (Recovery Ride)

Ride in zone 1-2 on a flat course. Put out a low effort with comfortable high cadence.

Sample Day -6
Endurance 2f (Zone 2 Ride)

Ride in heart rate zones 1-2 on gentle rolling course. Get at least 50% of your ride time in heart rate Zone 2. Avoid zones 3-5

Sample Day 1
Muscular Endurance 5bL (Taper repeats)

After warm up, ride 4x90 seconds at rac pace (3 min recoveries). Finish with a very easy cool down and stretch.

Michael Masters
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Michael can provide individuals with an underwater swim analysis seperate to the full range of Training Peaks coaching packages available.