Half Ironman General Prep Base Building

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Half Ironman General Prep Base Building



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4 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 4 Run, 4 Swim

Longest Workout

1:04 hrs swim
2:35 hrs bike
1:20 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman

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CertsDesigned to: specifically target develop the aerobic base of the individual in the out-season in preparation for their specific race preparation phase. Weekly training volumes are 12-14 hours and is geared toward the working athlete with long rides and runs on the weekends.
This plan will use various forms of steady state and interval workouts with built in skill development to tax the appropriate systems needed to stimulate beneficial phsyiological adaptations. Expect to see major increases in Functional Threshold Power, Critical Swim Speed and Running economy. Your season is built on a solid foundation the base training sets the tone for the rest of the season.
The mesocycle is a 3 week progression with week 4 as a rest and test week to allow for a full adaptation response.


Purchase of this plan includes:. Access to how to training videos, e-guide, both pdf and excel versions of the workout plans for easy printing and progress tracking.

***It is always recommended to see your physician before starting a new exercise program***


Designed by the Certified Athletic Trainers, Strength Specialists, and IRONMAN Certified Coaches at The Training Plan Source Powered by IREP Athletics LLC.  Anthony J Ross ATC, CSCS, M. Ed., Scott Proscia BS ATC, M. Ed., IRONMAN Certified Coach, and Colin Kalescky BS CPT bring you plans that incorporate over 25+ years of combined education and experience designed to help YOU achieve your personal fitness goals and Respond Evolve Perform.

Questions? Please visit TheTrainingPlanSource.com or for performance and endurance questions email Coach Scott at: Scott@irepathletics.com and for Injury Management, Weight Loss, and Strength questions email Coach Anthony at: Anthony@irepathletics.com

Prior to using this plan, you should be injury free, able to exercise, and have the time available to be consistent

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:25
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:25
Average Weekly Breakdown

The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics

The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics

What is the training plan source?
The Training Plan Source is a one stop shop for the Do It Yourself endurance athlete.

Our training plans are made by Expert Coaches at IREP Athletics. Our coaches have athletic and competitive experience as well as Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in exercise science, sports medicine, and engineering giving us a unique advantage in writing world class training plans by providing educational platforms for YOU to Respond, Evolve, Perform at the highest level.

Sample Day 1

2000 aerobic recovery intervals

Warm Up : 500 as 2 x 100 Free/75 Breast/50 back/25 kick

900 -9 x 100 as (CSS -15, CSS -5, CSS) as (touch and go, 10 s rest, 5 sec rest)* j

200- 2 x 100 IM (no time goal)

400- 8 x 50 drill
2 each of
kick on side one arm extended
1 arm swim R
1 arm swim L

Sample Day 1

40 minute skills ride

This is a chance to break out the mountain bike or cross bike if you have it and hit the trails. There is no structure just have fun. If on your tribike practice mounts, U turns, zig zags, bunny hops etc... Cap at the top of Z1

Sample Day 2

Track 5 x 1200

5 x 1200 on the track or flat course

Sample Day 5

1h- 6 x 4min Z5 / 2min easy

10 min easy 6 x 4 min Z5 / 2 min easy finish easy cooldown

Sample Day 6


10 minute easy warm up ( use 5 minutes as dynamic mobility/drills)

main set:

3 x 15 minutes at middle of Z2 with 2 minute walk breaks at Z1 (90 steps per minute goal)

balance capped at top of Z1 take walk breaks as needed to maintain HR cap

Sample Day 7

2hr15min aerobic

2hrs15 with mins as

20 mins easy with cap at Z1 HR/Power

1 x 40 mins at middle of Z2 HR/Power (cadence 80-100)

Balance cap at top of Z1

Sample Day 7

Transition Run

20 minute run effort Cap at Z1

Have shoes ready to go do not get in the habit of grabbing some food keep this specific. Hit your cadence goal of 90 steps per minute. Take walk breaks as need to keep HR in Z1

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