Poppy Sports Ironman 70.3 for Women

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:20
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:20
Training Load By Week

This is the training program as part of the Poppy Sports Ironman 70.3 online coaching program for busy women.

ATHLETES ALREADY SIGNED UP - If you already signed up for the Poppy Sports program, please use the coupon code you were given with registration to 'check out' and access the training program. You will have to go through the purchase process to access the program, but the coupon code will waive the price.

If you're a busy woman wanting to cross the finish line in an Ironman 70.3, we've designed a whole program for you! Head to http://www.poppysports.com/half-ironman-training/ to come on the journey with us.

Sample Day 1
1500 w/15 x 50's

Easy swim
500 ez paddles and pull buoy (p+pb)
5 x 50 easy kick with board
15 x 50's on 10 sec rest. Accelerate the first 10 hand hits and then just cruise the rest of the 50.
150 easy cool down

Sample Day 1
35 min cruiser - nice and ez

35 min cruiser. Run ez with no hard efforts.

Sample Day 2
60 Min ride.

60 min trainer ride for consistency/frequency. Just get time in the saddle. The effort is not as important as being consistent with your rides. It is ok to just spin during this phase.

Sample Day 3
1600 w/30 x 25's

Easy swim
10 x 50 easy. Focus on posture, line and balance.
10 x 25 easy kick on 5 sec rest
30 x 25's with paddles and pull buoy (p+pb) on 5 sec rest.
100 easy- no gear.

Sample Day 3
30 min ez run

30 min easy cruiser for frequency/consistency

Sample Day 4
60-90 easy bike

60-90 easy bike ride.

Sample Day 5
1700 w/main set 8 x 100's

Warm up
200 swim, 100 kick, 200 swim, 100 kick, 200 swim with paddles and pull buoy

Main set
8 x 100 steady on 5 sec rest

100 easy cool down