Dave Scott's 2015 HALF IRONMAN Training Plan (NOVICE, 13 WEEKS), Race on Sunday


Dave Scott, 6x Ironman World Champion

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13 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 1 Other, 3 Run, 3 Bike, 1 Brick

Longest Workout

1:30 hrs swim
1:45 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman

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dave scott headshotDesigned for the NOVICE level age group triathlete, this challenging Half Ironman training program by 6x Ironman World Champion Dave Scott draws on his 40+ years of experience as an athlete and coach to help you successfully finish your half triathlon.

This plan starts out with moderate volume and intensity at 9 hours per week and builds to 12.5 hours per week over the course of the plan prior to tapering to prepare you optimally for race day. The 3 sessions each week per discipline (swim, bike, run) include progressive workloads with unique marker sets, which will determine your optimal race pace. Long Brick workouts are included on the weekends starting at week 7 to enhance your race preparation by allowing you to monitor your nutritional needs. Wednesday is the designated day off (or workout make up day).

Successfully racing the half Ironman distance requires an element of speed so this plan includes some anaerobic, higher intensity session that you will give you a higher metabolic return than only doing moderate intensities.

This program may be set to start or end at any time for a goal race that takes place on a Sunday. If your race is on Saturday, please chose the Saturday version of Dave's plan.

This program can be adjusted to fit your shortened training schedule if you miss the first few weeks. If you can complete 70%+ of the workouts, you will see results through race-simulated sets and bricks that replicate the physical and psychological tests of your race.

Included: This plan comes with Dave’s comprehensive Triathlon Training Plan Guide explaining Dave’s training methodology and all the workout terminology plus video training tips by Dave covering optimal fueling, proper pacing, mental training tactics, race day strategy and more!

Questions? Please visit Dave on the web at davescottinc.com or email: info@davescottinc.com.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:35
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:35
Average Weekly Breakdown

Dave Scott

Dave Scott Inc.

Former National Coach for Team in Training, swim, run bike technique, trouble shooting training plans, power to endurance sport program development, nutrition, triathlon, strength and injury prevention

Triathlon camps, clinics and seminars 1hr 30min fitness and nutrition consultations 2hr-3 day bike fit, swim/bike/run biomechanics analysis, video analysis, strength and injury prevention programs, training plan review w/ athlete or coach. Motivational Speaking/Corporate Keynote Speaking

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Sample Day 1


Warm Up:
400 FR, every 4th length BK

1st Set:
12x25 FR (A), RI 10" count strokes on even length
- Head down
- Keep low side of goggle under water while breathing.

2nd Set:
Repeat 3x FR:
- 4x50 (A) count # strokes , RI 10", take 1 less stroke every 2nd length
- 4x25 FAST, RI 30" (only take +1 stroke count)

K hard with fins:
3x (50 BK flutter / 25 BK dolphin / 25 BK swim)

Cool down: 100 easy CH

Sample Day 2


Warm Up:
10' to (A)

1st Set:
8 x 2' (ODD - LG, EVEN TTG), RI 15"

Main Set:
Repeat 2x (A):
- 6' TTG with final 45" standing
- 6' LG with final 60" at 110+ rpm
- 2' BG (alternate 20" seated / 20" standing)

See Training Guide for acronym descriptions

Sample Day 2

* Run

Warm up 12' to (A)

1st set at consistent pace (A):
4 x 2' (A), RI 30". Each 2' distance should be the same. Jog 5' easy, before 2nd set.

2nd set (A):
5 x 4' (A), RI 60"

Cruise 2'

3rd set
8 x 15" gradual pick up, RI 45"

- Compare pace, distance covered, HR, PE
- RI is at walk or easy jog
- OK to run / walk segments as needed

See Training Guide for acronyms and descriptions

Sample Day 4

* Hills

Warm up 10' to (A)

1st Set:
20' (A)

2nd Set: 8 x 20" (A) up hill (or treadmill) at 4% with jog down

Note: OK to run /walk segments as needed

Sample Day 4


Warm Up:
2x (100 FR, 50 BK)

1st Set:
Repeat 4x - all (A):
- 3 x 25 FR count strokes, RI 5"
- 50 FR Overkicking (count strokes on 2nd length, take one less stroke than on 25's), RI 10"

2nd Set:
Repeat 3x - all (A):
- 2 x 100 FR, RI 10"
- 50 FR, RI 10"

3rd Set with Fins:
10 x 25 alt BK, BK flutter kick and BK FLY kick on back, RI 20"

Cool Down:
100 Easy

Sample Day 5

* Bike

Warm up to (A):
Repeat 2x: 3' LG + 2' TTG + 1' TTG standing

Main Set:
30" LG + 30" BG + 5' TTG

90" LG + 90" BG + 5' TTG (include 45" standing during BG and TTG)

Repeat 2x: 3' LG + 3' BG + 5' TTG (include 45" standing during BG and TTG)

8 x 20" VERY HARD TTG, RI 80"

Sample Day 6

Long Run

(A) run. Include short walking efforts if not running up to 45'.

Track amount of walk time. Try to reduce next week.

Dave Scott's 2015 HALF IRONMAN Training Plan (NOVICE, 13 WEEKS), Race on Sunday

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