70.3 9 Week Brick Build

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:06
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:06
Training Load By Week

9 Week Brick Weekend workout series for a build to a competitive 70.3 race. Total weekly volume is approximately 15 hours with weekday training added. Athletes should have approximately 10-12 hours a week of base fitness for 4-6 weeks leading into using this plan.

Sample Day 3
1x 8min BG/ 4x2:30 high watts

90min ride w 1x8min BG at 260-280w, spin for 10mins then do 4x2:30 320+ w 2:30 spin btn.

Sample Day 4
Hill Repeats

jog for 10mins+++hill repsnot super steep (4-5%)2/1:30/1/30 w jog back down btn. Try and get the same point each time.I dont want these to be maximal...but a decent intensity. Maybe even descend the sets down by effort. Start out looking for HR mid 160's?+++3 sets+++ cool down

Sample Day 6
Sustained Ride

Keep the pace at tempo or about 70% of your FTP for this ride. Should feel strong, but not too hard.

10min run off the bike

Sample Day 7
Easy Long Run

Sample Day 11
Swing Pace Run

15min warm-up
4min at
4min at
2min at
8min at pace
Cool down to 1:10

Sample Day 13
3:30 Interval Ride

3:30 ride35min warm up
Interval 1:45mins...Shoot for 270-280w. (HIM Wattage)+++Spin for 10min
Interval 2:
20-25mins at HIM Wattage- Do this BG!!!!+++spin back easy from there

Sample Day 14
Long Run

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