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Example triathlon training


Reinout Van Schuylenbergh, PhD

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1 Week

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triathlon half ironman intermediate advanced hr based

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Plan Description

This training plan is an example training plan to give some information about our individualized training plans. Training plans can be power-based and/or heart rate based. We focus on SWOT analysis of the athlete, goal setting, long-term planning and detailed training monitoring. To facilitate integration of the programs in training computers (Polar, Garmin, etc) we design most running and cycling plans with the workout builder.
For more information about a personalized training program, please take a visit at and fill in the contact form.
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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:00 hrs 1:30 hrs
4:00 hrs 1:30 hrs
6:30 hrs 4:00 hrs
0:39 hrs 0:19 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:00 hrs 1:30 hrs
4:00 hrs 1:30 hrs
6:30 hrs 4:00 hrs
0:39 hrs 0:19 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Reinout Van Schuylenbergh, PhD

We offer training plans for endurance athletes and consultancy for coaches, clubs and teams. Every training plan is developed by Reinout Van Schuylenbergh, PhD and tailored to your personal objectives. Programs are based on current scientific evidence and good practices.

Our key values: personalized and data driven approach, your goal is our challenge, customer satisfaction, #cleansport, #fairplay

Sample Day 1

S: Aerobic swim - 4200m

Warming up:
300 crawl
2*100 backstroke R10"
2*50 breaststroke R10"
8*50 1) 25 sculling, 25 crawl 2) 1-arm drill, change arm every 12,5m
Tempo set
8*50 progressive from 1=>3, 4th easy R15"
Aerobic set
4*400 extensive tempo, crawl, R20"
4*100 leg kick with plank and zoomer fins, easy, R15"
4*150 paddles and pull buoy, 100 easy, 50 somewhat faster, R15"
Cool down
200 easy

Sample Day 1

R: Easy run, before breakfast - 5k

Easy run, heart rate zone 1 (HRZ 1).

Sample Day 2

B: Short aerobic bike ride - 2h

2h group ride on a rolling course. Focus on pedalling skills: 100-110 rpm. HRZ 2.

Sample Day 2

P: Core and mobility exercises

See individualized set of exercises based on the Running Smart test ( Core and mobility programs are designed with Skill-up software.

Sample Day 3

R: Aerobic tempo's - 1h

Warmin up
2k easy run
Some drills (see personalized set of exercises)
2*80 easy and controlled sprint, walk back to recover.
Tempo set (2*)
400 - 800 - 1200 @ estimated Olympic distance race pace, R30" jogging.
Cool down
3k easy running.

Sample Day 3

B: Active recovery - 30min

If you have some spare time, perform this short active recovery exercise on rollers (turbo).
Low resistance, high cadance (>100 rpm) and heart rate in zone 1. Spin your legs to enhance recovery.

Sample Day 4

S: Tempo's and speed - 4000

Warming up
400 fee
4*50 progressive 1=>3, 4th easy, R25"
Speed set (2*)
4*25 sprint, fast but controlled ! R30"
100 easy
Recovery set
400 easy crawl with zoomer fins
Tempo set
50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 150 - 100 - 50 @ estimated Olympic distance racing speed. R20"
Recovery set - rest = always 15"
400 easy
2*200 easy with pull buoy
4*100 easy with paddles and pull buoy
8*50 easy with paddles and zoomer fins
Cool down
200 choice

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