Intermediate 16-week Half-Ironman/70.3 Training Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:36
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:36
Training Load By Week

The 16-week Intermediate Half-Ironman / 70.3 training plan is for the triathlete with one or more seasons of training under his/her belt. Athletes have already done a few races including a Half-Iron or are coming into triathlon from another endurance sport. The program averages 11 hours per week with a recovery week of ~8 hours every 4th week. The biggest week is 12.5 hr (with options for more) and the smallest is 7.5 hours.

The early weeks focus on aerobic development with a limited amount of threshold-type training. The later weeks include a fair amount of threshold and sub-threshold intervals as well as race-specific intensity workouts.

The program includes effort levels & heart rate guidelines for the swim and run, and HR/power targets for the bike.

Assumptions: athletes can run an hour, ride 1.5 hour, and swim 1,500 yards in separate workouts without difficulty.

Sample Day 2
Masters swim practice or

400 easy
4 x 50 kick on :10 (seconds rest after each 50)
6 x 50 drill on :15
12 x 50 either steady Z2 or 1 easy, 1 build to fast on :15
100 easy

Sample Day 2

run 30-40 minute easy, drills optional at the end: 2 x sideways, high knees, butt kicks, strides. See for a video description of running drills.

Sample Day 3

WU: 20 minute easy/Z1
MS: 30 minute moderate / Z2 (70-75% FTP)
CD: 10 minute easy

Sample Day 4

WU: 15-20 minute easy
MS: 20 minute high Z2 / comfortable fast
CD: 5-10 minute easy

Sample Day 4
core routine #1

Core strength routine: 2 to 3 x through this routine + any rehab exercises you need isometric planks (push up position) either knee down or leg straight - 1 minute front / 30 second left side / 30 scond right side / 30 second front (alternate leg raises during the series, advanced only) 5-25 pushups (tricep focus - elbows in) on side - top leg raises x 20 / bottom leg x 20 / flip sides and repeat 5-15 pullups (if you have pullup bar) 10 x standing side leg raises each leg 50-100 crunches - options are regular crunch / bicycle situps / V situps / medicine ball partner situps 5-10 x bridges - extend alternate legs 5 seconds at a time (advanced only) 5 to 25 pushups (pec focus - elbows out) advanced include 2 x 10-15 standing squats then repeat planks 5-15 pullups if available

Sample Day 5
2.5k drills focus

WU: 400 easy 12 x 50 drills - 1arm L, 1arm R, catchup, doggy paddle, fist, Powerstroke, repeat series on :15 4 x 50 kick on back/sides/back/normal on :10 MS: 10 x 100 as 50 DPS / 50 build to fast on :10-20 CD: 100 easy kick 200 easy swim

Sample Day 6

run 1hr to 1hr 10 minute build into comfortable steady pace (mid Z2).

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