Beginner Half Iron Man - 24 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:04
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:04
Training Load By Week

This is the plan for a beginner Triathlete that wants to finish a Half easily and feel good at the end. It's not just a "survival" plan, but a plan that will have you finishing and feeling strong. O.k, you are going to be tired, but you aren't going to be crushed. This plan will require you to use at least 10 hours a week in order to get in the three sports. I have written this so you don't need a power meter, but it will be helpful if you did. You will need a heart rate monitor though. These are the same workouts that I have given my triathletes and I know if you stick with the plan, you'll go great!

Sample Day 1

Welcome to your beginner level half iron man 24 week training plan!!

Today is going to be an easy day, just riding and getting ready for the week ahead:

WU: 15 minutes

MS: 1 hour at endurance pace.

CD: 15 minutes

Sample Day 2
Endurance spinning

Use the cadence mode if you have this available. Spin on the high end of your comfortable range in the small chain ring in the 1-2 heart rate zones on a flat to gently rolling course. Allow your feet and legs to relax while spinning. Note and record your average cadence for the ride when done.

Sample Day 3
200s variable pace

WU: Build effort on each rep.

50 swim, 50 kick, 50 swim, 50 kick, 50 swim.

MS: Each numbered set is done non-stop as a 200.

#1—100 easy, 50 mod, 50 fast (20”).

#2—50 easy, 100 mod, 50 fast (30”).

#3—50 easy, 50 mod, 100 fast .

CD: 150 easy with drills.

Total: 1000

Sample Day 4
Group, zones 1-3.

Run with a group, but keep the effort moderate--heart rate in zones 1-3. If it's too fast, run alone. Be smart.

Sample Day 5


2 x 100 descending times (30”).

2 x 50 kick with second one faster (30”).


3 x 200 fast with 50 kick easy between 150s.

100 kick steady.

CD: 100 easy swim.


Sample Day 6
Endurance 2

WU: 15 minutes warming up, and getting the legs loose.

MS: Just a touch longer than the previous Sundays. Trying for a solid 2 hour ride today. Still, you are just riding easy and not pushing it. Just 'noodle' along and continue to build endurance. It's almost like an active recovery day, but a touch too long for that.

CD: 10-15 minutes easy pedaling.

Sample Day 7
Trails, Zones 2-3.

Heart rate in zones 2-3 on trails. 'PROUD' form. Allow heart rate to rise to zone 3 on hills, but don't force it up.

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